The Biggest Little Photographer by Thomas Darnell

Wonderfully exciting news! We’ve completed the first book trailer for my 10 year old son’s, Thomas Darnell, upcoming book.


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Book information: Russian nesting doll type theme – about an 8 year old boy who begins photographing his favorite mini figure photographing the world around him, for one full year.

This is a photography book including many of the photographs Thomas took during the 365 day photo a day project he worked on for 1 year of his life … from 8 years old to 9 years old.

It will also include an introduction of how it began, quotes, and a bit of the story along the way. The book will be co-authored by me.

Thomas Taking Photo of LEGO man taking photo - Galena Visitor's Center June 27 2014

But wait ….. This is not simply a photography book and not a photography book by a professional photographer. This book is about an 8 year old boy, with a passion for LEGO, and a huge heart.

An 8 year old boy who read an article about a professional photographer who had taken photographs of a mini figure taking photographs for 365 days. An 8 year old boy who then asked, “Can I do that?” and then bought a mini figure camera with his own money.

An 8 year old boy who used what he had, a donated iPhone 3G, mini figure pieces already owned, and spent less than $2.00 to purchase the camera piece. So, while you won’t find photographs of the highest quality and clarity within this book, you will find love, inspiration, and the knowing that whatever you dream, whatever you want to accomplish, it CAN be done. And you will find that life is what happens between asking, “Can I do that?” and “I DID IT!”

It’s about an 8 year old boy who, with determination and fun, completed a ONE YEAR photography project from the time he was 8 years old and ending at 9 years old.

Coming Fall 2016!

Head on over to Thomas’ website to learn more, to share, comment, or pre-order your copy! Oceans of gratitude!

See It. Share It. BE IT … Spread Love Everywhere You Go!

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