Poetry: Glorious Water – World Water Day 2018

In honor of World Water Day 2018 …

Thomas Drinking Water from Fountain March 2015

Water, glorious water.

Oh, how I am grateful.

for you are life,
You help to create life,
You sustain life,
YOU are everything to life.

I bless and am
eternally grateful
for the blessings
you bestow.

You uplift,
You inspire,
You clean,
You refresh,
You quench,
You sustain,
YOU are simply amazing.

Water, dear water
I vow to be ever
more mindful of
your presence,
ever more mindful
to bless you,
ever more mindful
of being grateful
that you BE.

I Am grateful for water.
Bless you Water.
I Am.
-2018 Lessons from Nature

Lake Mead #8

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