Skeleton Key Wind Chimes with Tigers Eye and Crystal Beads

Finally finished! Skeleton key wind chimes. Hung from an awesome stick with a snug little pocket that was perfect for a small chunk of tigers eye.

Tigers eye beads and crystal beads to correspond with each of the seven main chakra colors. Anchored with a seahorse key for strength and power and infused with Reiki. Just need to snip the excess lines.

This one is heading to its new home in Oregon, yet I am creating more. No two will be exactly alike as I’m letting myself be intuitively guided and the treasures being used are up-cycled items and gifts from nature (sticks and bark etc).

You can choose from further creations or we can discuss a custom creation that is specifically for you and your present moment journey.

I’m not sure how long I’ll be creating these and have orders for two more. If you’d like one, comment here or email to Camilla Downs @ . xoxo

Skeleton Key Wind Chimes 4.9.17 #1 Skeleton Key Wind Chimes 4.9.17 #2Skeleton Key Wind Chimes 4.9.17 #4 Skeleton Key Wind Chimes 4.9.17 #3


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