The Unusual Umbrella Society – Creative Writing Workshop

September 3 2023

Friday night was a fun, creative writing workshop with @fidgets.and.fries at @theradicalcat. Thanks to Cady at @facilitate_joy for helping to put this together. It was awesome to share writing space with you, Ian @amethyst_noir of @spoken_views_reno!

I thought I’d be writing a poem, but wrote a wild story instead. I may try to trim the story, turning it into a poem. We’ll see. Thanks for that inspiration, Ian. Here’s the introduction:

The Unusual Umbrella Society

This is not your ordinary umbrella. This umbrella holds secrets and has siblings. These umbrellas live a unique life. The people who use these umbrellas are not your ordinary people. They have been chosen by the umbrellas to be members of the Unusual Umbrella Society. The Umbrella chooses their new person before they are born, arriving to the household where they will be born into, and staying with them. At 10 years of age, the umbrella and their person, journey to the secret home, in a secret location where they live, attend school, and train together. The members serve with their umbrella until the time they can no longer perform Society duties.

There are 7 umbrellas and 7 members of the Unusual Umbrella Society. Each umbrella has a special feature, with each umbrella being a different color. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. Each umbrella has a different handle which seems to perfectly fit into the hands of their person …. There is much more, but I’m only sharing the introduction for now.