The 7th Annual Caregiver Recognition Celebration

On November 15th, 2012 I was fortunate to be able to attend The 7th Annual Caregiver Recognition Celebration! It was a double fortunate as my step-father, Frank Romano, had nominated me to be recognized! Thanks tons Frank! My Mom, Patty, and Frank attending the luncheon with me. It was GREAT! I was so moved by the event I wanted to post all who were nominated as well as the winners in each category. It was definitely a very inspirational luncheon!

Edwina Taylor- Caregiver for Child or Youth with Special Needs
Kathy Carpenter- Double Life Caregiver
Bonnie Timmreck-Family Caregiver
Rosa Moala- In Facility Caregiver
Megan Riley-In Home Agency Caregiver
Janet Hatch- Hospice or Community Volunteer Caregiver