Movie Musings: Irish Legends, Ghosts, and Magic

 “Song of the Sea” (amazon affiliate link) …. Lillian says, “Good, musical, good theme, good moral, funny, amazing, good animation, fabulous, good scenery, and emotional.” Thomas says, “Really good, good music, good everything, good animation, cool, amazing, funny, and I really liked it.” I say, “Loved it!!” – A magical Irish legend of the last seal-child and of she and her brother saving the spirit world.

 “Beyond Tomorrow” (amazon affiliate link) … I love how this one begins, yet not so much after that. And has some good scenes. “No one is a stranger on Christmas Eve” and “Sometimes you have to travel to the darkness alone to get to the light.” Lillian says, “Romantic, Christmasy, good, emotional, funny, awesome, and amazing.” Thomas says, “Seasonal and I really like it.”

 “Barbie’s A Christmas Carol” (amazon affiliate link)… I’m not a fan of the “perfectness” of Barbie or the movies. Yet, I am a fan of Lillian ….. And the overall message. “Keep the beauty of Christmas in your heart all year.” Lillian says, “Good, musical, funny, Christmasy, awesome, good moral, good theme, and beautifully colorful.” Thomas says, “What Lillian says.”

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