Oliver X – A Piece of the Puzzle is Gone Forever

August 16 2023

At Monday Night Poetry we were invited to honor Oliver X.

Oliver X was a connector of people and ideas.

He always had a lovely smile,
and warm welcoming energy.

When we met in 2013,
He invited me to write an article
For Reno Tahoe Tonight

In 2019,
he invited me on the RTT radio show
to talk about my books.

He supported creators however he could.
He was a connector of like-minded folks, with like-minded ideas.

Oliver X loved this city.
He was a piece of the art’s puzzle for this city.
He was the x that marked the art heart of Reno.

We’ve lost this piece of the Reno puzzle,
leaving a gaping hole in Reno and her art community. 💔💔💔

(Photo of us from 2019)
Camilla Downs – August 2023