A Game of Twister Hands

January 6 2024

Last night I was reminded of something our friend Matt Miller commented while having dinner with us at one of the C18 conferences years ago.

He laughed and said something like, the 3 of you (Team TLC) would make a great realty TV show.

The three of us haven’t done a creative activity together in years. The past two nights we worked on this puzzle together (my birthday gift to Lillian last year).

Imagine 3 neurodivergent folks, one with hand tremors, one with shaky hands, and all with the ability to hyper focus, getting anxious trying to get the right pieces in the right places. It’s like we were playing a game of Twister with our hands. It was cracking me up! And I think it brought joy to all of us! ❤❤❤

We lost one piece along the way somewhere. Maybe Basil knows where it is.

After we finished, time stood still for a moment as I watched Lillian walking around the house half-naked, like it’s no big deal and totally normal, Thomas frantically working on a deadline, and me making songs out of everything. Totally normal stuff, right? Ha!

Like the neighbor walks by with their dog. I finally remember the dogs name, Mickey. So then I start singing, Hey Mickey, you’re so fine, Hey Mickey, Hey Mickey. Then I have to look that song up and add it to my walking playlist.
Love my life.

Found the missing piece!