How I Prepare for the New Year


January 2 2017:

Deep in review of 2016 and coming to a knowing of 2017. Listening to music, eyes closed at times, remembering, reflecting, envisioning. This feels different than any other time in the past. Feels wonderful, feels the pretense to a huge shift …. xoxo


January 6 2017:

Finalizing review of 2016 and coming to the knowing of 2017. Lillian is done with this part of the process. And Thomas may create his in the moment.

We had a nearly two hour family meeting last night. I shared my theme of 2017 – The Shift. Shared my two words for the year: Knowing and Allowing. And my anchor – Writing.

I also shared that there is deep tiredness within me. All part of the process for me and a quality that is an integral part of the shift that will occur.

I will be releasing some things that do not serve me nor our family. And, as of now, may very well be as a tree and hibernate for the winter.

Prep Work for 2017 Goals and Visions 1.6.17

Beginning of Creating:

January 8 2017:

We’ve moved on to the next step! Perfect for the cleansing nature is processing right now with this rain.

Looking for words and pictures to capture our hearts desire for 2017. xoxo

Review 2016 and Plan 2017 Goals Vision Board 1.8.17


January 10 2017:

On to the next step …. Making art of our 2017 hearts desire.

We each create our own and we create a Team TLC vision. This feels amazing!

Making Art of Heart's Desire Vision Board 2017

Final Vision:

January 14 2017:

Completed the art version of my 2017 Heart’s Desire … Feels incredibly powerful.

The theme for 2017 is “The Shift” (I deeply feel this does not solely apply to me as I feel there is to be a collective shift.)

The two words for 2017 are “Knowing” and “Allowing”. Knowing is comprised of Spirituality, Meditation, and Mindfulness. Allowing is comprised of allowing my good from expected and unexpected sources.

The anchor for 2017 is Walking and Writing.

The theme, two words, and anchor are cradled in the embrace of LOVE. ….. Now on to The Team TLC art version of our collective heart’s desire for 2017.

Camilla's 2017 Vision Board 1.14.17

Previous Creations and Visions:

I’ve been creating boards since about 2008 or 2009. So I’ve developed my own method using ideas learned from others and my intuition. The past few years they’ve gotten “livelier”.

Once I began to have a theme, focus words, and an anchor – they became more powerful. Here is the progression showing 2015 and 2016.

Camilla's Vision Board 2015

2015 Theme was LOVE, two theme words were “Love” and “Meditation”, and anchor was “Treasure is Within” …. This was the year that my meditation practice shifted and became deeper than I could have imagined.

My two grandmothers, who are no longer with us, visited me in meditation and in my dreams. They delivered a message (during a time of intense need of receiving said message) that the treasure I seek is within me and always has been. I had just hidden it. All of this happened during the year AFTER I created the board.

Camilla's Vision Board for 2016

Here’s 2016. I wasn’t done with love yet. So the theme was LOVE again and two words were “Love” and “Mindfulness.” With the anchor being “Writing” …

I had a few articles accepted for publishing during 2016 and continued to open my heart to love and focused heavily on mindfulness.


See It. Share It. BE IT … Spread Love Everywhere You Go!

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