How I Love Thee – Beloved Books

Today I begin a 31 Day Writing Prompt experience. I decided to share these on my blog. The prompts are courtesy of American Artists & Writers, Inc. I signed up for their newsletter and received the prompts as a download.

Day 1 – Tell Me A Story ….

What was your favorite book as a child? Do you remember? Did you read it by yourself, or did someone read it to you? Did they do the voices? Were you tucked up in bed, or curled up in a favorite chair? These days, do you read to someone else? Do you enjoy acting out the parts while you read? Today, write about a beloved book, and relive your memories of time spent entranced by a wonderful story.


How I Love Thee – Beloved Books

Thomas & Lillian Reading Cookbooks 4.26.14

I don’t remember what my favorite book was as a child. I don’t even remember anyone reading to me. Although, I’m sure I was read to by my Mom and others. It’s simply not a memory I retained.

Which makes me wonder if Thomas and Lillian will remember me reading to them. I’ve read to each of them since they were born (even before they were born). I think I’ll incorporate that into our nightly “Life Story”.

Every evening Sunday through Thursday I read a book to them and then we tell a life story. I have been doing this for about 4 or 5 years (or longer). It began with one of them giving me a prompt with a word, idea, or event. I tell them the first thing that comes to mind from my life in relation to the prompt. It has recently evolved to us taking turns now. So they get to tell a life story too!

I’m really good at getting off topic. So, let’s get back on track.

I read to Thomas and Lillian 5 nights a week. I always have on hand about 20 books I’ve checked out from the library from which to choose. We take turns choosing a book and I share the books we really enjoy here on this blog. I love getting book suggestions from other blogs and people so this is why I do this.

Acting out different voices and characters is not something I enjoy. I do it sometimes and we all get a good laugh, though. Many of the books we read are non-fiction so perhaps that’s why I don’t act out the different characters. If I can remember, I think I’ll have some fun with this!

I have so many favorite books that it’s hard to choose just one. Not too long ago we read, “The Cat Who Went to Heaven”, and we were all glued to the book. It’s a fable about a cat who changes the life of a poor Japanese artist. We read it over a couple of weeks since it’s a chapter book.

We read books about artists, naturalists, poets, and people from the world’s history who have been true to their heart and lived their passions. Another we’ve read recently is “Old Turtle” and “Old Turtle and the Broken Truth”. These books truly speak to my heart and we all enjoyed the story and underlying message.

Reading about 5 books every week prohibits me from listing them all here. If this speaks to you, make sure to check out the Book and Movie Musings category.

Reading is a habit and gift for which I am deeply passionate. I am extremely grateful that Thomas and Lillian love reading and are as passionate about it as I am. We visit the library every two weeks and leave with 4 – 6 bags of books each time.

Reading is one of the greatest gifts one can give to oneself. Books are like a doorway, by way of our imagination, to other worlds, our past, our future and for coming to deeply know oneself. For the young ones, the key to that doorway lies in the adults and mentors around them. For the rest of us, the key is in our own hands simply waiting to be used …

Thomas Reading 4.23.12

I help to support my family with my writings. I share my writings for free for the benefit of others. So … there are Amazon affiliate links in this post. This simply means that if you click through to Amazon for more information about a book, and you end up buying something we get a few cents (and it doesn’t cost you anything more than usual). Oceans of gratitude … xoxo


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