Listening to the Calm and Wise Voice Within


July 7 2014

I feel it’s good for us to remember that we don’t always have to stay positive, happy and smiling. We must allow ourselves to feel the yin and the yang. Without the one, we wouldn’t know the other.

We each have our own unique journey to travel. We cannot compare ourself to others. They are on their own journey, for different reasons. The secret I have learned and am still learning is to listen to the calm inner voice. It’s that voice that has all the answers but gets drowned out by the noise of our thoughts, what ifs, worries, fears, judgments and wanting to control situations and other people.

It’s that voice that after you hear its call, you think, “why do that or where is that coming from?” In my case, the ego will pop up and rip me a new one about how I don’t deserve any of what my intuitive self knows I can, should and will have.

One weekend in 2013, I prayed to hear the answer I knew was within me. The calm inner voice said, “You will ask for help. And this is how you will do it.” Then, my ego stepped in and said, “Are you crazy?” and a bunch of other not nice stuff!

The calm inner voice so patiently said, “You will do this, not just for yourself. But so that others can be free from what’s holding them back, so that others will see that it’s okay to ask for help and so that they can witness the goodness, grace and generosity of others.” There was no arguing with that.

A wave of calm settled over me. After that, I felt empowered and free … No matter what the outside situation. I surrendered to the journey I traveled. It’s my journey to live. I am to live it for a reason. I now know it’s for my own growth, empowerment and freedom and to give back to others by sharing my journey.

This experience brought forth the thought that our kids learn from us by the grace we exhibit. Yet, we must remember that they are on their own journey, just as we are. All we can do is share wisdom with them, praise them, guide them, LOVE them unconditionally, tell them they can have, be, or do anything they desire and show them by example of how we live. What they do with all of this is ultimately their choice.


Update – February 2019

Still learning to quiet the stories and constant bouncing of thoughts. Yet, I’ve come a heck of a long way since this was written …. Here’s to the unfolding …. xoxo

See It. Share It. BE IT … Spread Love Everywhere You Go!

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