Throwback Post: Camilla and Lillian October 2014 Date Day


October 24 2014:

Thomas is spending the night with the Romano Duo so Lillian and I get to have a day and a half long date. Started with a late afternoon walk.

First up on the October 2014 Lillian n Camilla date … Appetizers of tater tots and fries from Sonic and then a main course of homemade nachos!

We decided that the rest of the date would just be hanging out together and reading before heading to the Romano Casa for dinner and to retrieve Team Member T! We stopped by one of our favorite used book stores and it’s not there anymore!

Throwback Post: November 2013 Date Day With Lillian


November 26 2013:

Another beautiful, awesome, magical day! This time I get to go on a date with the fairy princess that I get to call my daughter … Lillian Paige!

First and second stop on the November Date Day for Lillian and Camilla …. Lillian has a french fry obsession, so we tried some we’ve never had before. YUM! Had a car picnic at Audrey Harris Park and then a quick stop down below to Bartley Ranch. Beautiful view for a car picnic!

Last stop on the L & C date day …. Window shopping! One of my least favorite things to do with my time (unless it’s books)! Yet, for Lillian, I will choose to enjoy myself …. and take pictures!

March 2023 Date Day with Lillian

March 25 2023

Camilla and Lillian March 2023 Date Day yesterday.

It’s been many months since we had a date day, with Thomas’s school schedule and Lillian’s anxiety and health issues.

We shopped at 3 different grocery stores for chocolate and candy. I think Lillian may have broken a record for the most candy purchased in one day. She’s now set for candy day for months!

She ordered fries from one of her favorite places, accompanied by a tangerine and brownie.

Throwback Post: Reblog: Lillian and Camilla May 2021 Date Day


May 25 2021

Lillian and Camilla May 2021 Date Day

It was a momentous date day. First time for Lillian to go inside of anyplace in just over a year. She was excited. Clothes shopping for our first stop.


Part 2 through I lost count, as we made so many stops, I’m delirious.

Fries and lemonade at Noble Pie Parlor. Then to pick up dessert. Watermelon macaroon for Lillian, ginger rose dark chocolate for me.

Barnes & Noble, Michaels, and stopping to gaze at the full moon on the way home. (Psst …. I do not like shopping. Drains every inch of energy out of me. I shall crawl into bed, and pass out shortly.)

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Lillian and Camilla May 2021 Date Day

Reblog: Lillian and Camilla January 2021 Date Day

Lillian and Camilla January 2021 Date Day - featured image

January 26 2021

Today was the Lillian and Camilla January 2021 Date Day

We had fries from Noble Pie Parlor or lunch. Their fries are THE BEST!! Plus, they have a vegan option!! Forgot to take a photo of the fries! We ate them too fast!

Later we drove to pick out a dessert. Vanilla macaroon for Lillian and blueberry scone for me. The scone is incredibly delicious.

We ended with a stop at the library. Even though it’s still closed, Lillian wanted to spend a few minutes in the garden behind it. We’ve frequented that little garden since she was 5 years old. It was bitterly cold as we’ve got warnings of a blizzard approaching, so we didn’t stay long.



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Lillian and Camilla January 2021 Date Day

Reblog: Lillian and Camilla November 2020 Date Day

November 24 2020

Lillian and Camilla November 2020 Date Day

French fries from Noble Pie Parlor – Summit Reno for both of us, with a Trader Joe’s spicy lentil wrap for me.

Dessert of a white chocolate dipped cookie for Lillian and a couple of squares of this amazing new chocolate I just discovered at Trader Joe’s.

Then we took a walk in one of our favorite places, followed by a drive around our old neighborhood.



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Lillian and Camilla November 2020 Date Day

Reblog: Camilla and Lillian October 2020 Date Day

October 10 2020

Yesterday was the Lillian and Camilla October 2020 Date Day

First stop: I picked up an order of fries for Lillian and we had a great lunch at home.

Next stop: A trip to Wilbur May Arboretum. So much gorgeousness = tons of photos!

Last stop: Lillian picked out her pumpkin and chose a sugar cookie with red icing, in the shape of an apple.



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Lillian and Camilla October 2020 Date Day