Anything is Possible: An Interview With the Author of On Top of the World

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Welcome everyone to a very special interview with Lorie Stevenson, author of On Top of the World. Here’s a bit about the book:

Missy is a little girl with a big dream: she wants to see the world from higher up.

Her father is an airline pilot. He gets to see the world from higher up all the time. But, Missy needs a wheelchair to go everywhere. How could she see the world like her dad does?

Then one day, Missy and her family go to the circus and her dream changes a bit—maybe she could see the world from up high. On top of a horse Missy could feel on top of the world! And people would need to look UP into her big blue eyes instead of down at the top of her head. Eye-to-eye, that would make Missy very happy.

So come, let’s see if Missy does find her dream!

Camilla: What is On Top of the World about and what does it help teach?

Lorie: My book is about a little girl who longs to see things from above.. like her Dad, a pilot, is able to do. But I also hope there is a deeper thought process portrayed here. Because she is in a wheelchair.. people “look down on her”. And do not always come down to her level to talk eye-to-eye.

I believe we should always look each other in the eye when conversing. That is how you know the other person is paying attention and really listening to what you have to say. This, in turn, grants you a feeling of inclusion and builds your self-confidence. As a mother, I remember the first time a doctor addressed my daughter directly, instead of me. It was a very enlightening and positive feeling!!

Camilla: What inspired you to write this children’s book?

Lorie: My original inspiration to write this story came on a long car trip. I was trying to explain how horseback riding makes me feel. At one with nature, with one of the most incredible animals created. I find it builds my self-confidence and sense of teamwork as well as perhaps a bit of personal power and of course passion and respect for the equine race who have such huge hearts.

Camilla: What is the main message readers are taking away from the book?

Lorie: The main message I hope people will take away with them after reading my book or having it read to them is, of course, that dreams really can come true. If you wish hard enough .. anything IS possible. And do not look down on others … reach out to them at their level. Everyone wants to be seen and heard and valued.

Camilla: What final words would you like to share?

Lorie: And a final message: Hippotherapy is so advantageous for so many in a myriad of ways. Please support Therapeutic Riding programs in any way you can. It may be a donation for a fundraising auction. It may be financial help to support these wonderful animals. It may be donating your used tack. Or donating your time … there is always a need for more volunteers!

And do not be afraid of a horse because of its size and relative power. Therapeutic animals are well trained and usually older, experienced and kind. They have huge hearts that nurture humans. Hippotherapy has been proven to help all kinds of disabilities! Promote love for animals.. they depend on us so that we can depend on them.

On Top of the World Shelby April 2018

Proud Daughter, Shelby!

Camilla: Tell us a bit about yourself.

Lorie: Put on first pony at 18 months by paternal grandmother. Fell in love!

Sang all the way home , downhill, from elementary school every day … composing as I walked. (It was actually safe to walk to and from school, mostly alone, in those days!)
Mum said she could hear me a couple of blocks away …. yes, loud back then, too.

Loved to write poetry ( lyrics in my mind …)

In the 70’s I used to write personal poems for some of my coworkers to give as gifts to family members! I interviewed them, then wrote a sonnet. Charged $10 or $20 .. Lol!

I love to fly!! Travel is high on my list and Shelby is a great partner in crime for those adventures! I love dogs and horses and words! I love to sing and am a wacky whistler!!

Am finally trying to achieve a name for myself with my writing and so for my 60th birthday, I self-published a book that I originally wrote almost 20 years ago.

So far, so good. Reviews have been favourable. And 2 people have texted me photos of their little daughters loving my book! So I am feeling fairly content these days and a bit more self-confident too. Cheers!!! (I do love my Pinot Grigio too …)

On Top of the World Laurie Cheers April 2018

With On Top of the World, Lorie Stevenson has achieved her dream of publishing a book with a message. Lorie has long had a passion for writing and horses. She now resides in Victoria, British Columbia with her daughter, Shelby, who was born with a very rare chromosomal condition known as Tetrasomy 18p. Having grown up riding horses herself, Lorie introduced Shelby to weekly therapeutic riding lessons to help her balance and strengthen her back. Now Lorie and Shelby enjoy riding lessons together—on top of the world!

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You can learn more and purchase On Top of the World by going HERE.

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