One Magical Ingredient to Peacefully Experience Life Lessons

I am abundantly grateful for life’s uncomfortable lessons and the masterful teachers disguised as those whom we choose to let push our buttons.

In mid June I got to have a fabulous two days of learning in the classroom called “life”! Love is indeed a magical thing!!

It was a lesson coupled with complete and total release. I awakened to the knowing that I only have love in my heart to give, knowing I come from a place of love, and knowing with peace, calm, and compassion that I am no longer tempted to engage in drama. What a beautiful and bright place.

I overflow with gratitude for all the amazing people who have been on this journey with me since moving to Reno in December 2006 … friends and family who are there to remind me of all the things I have been teaching myself for the last 17 years.

One night in 1997 I couldn’t sleep and got up at midnight, turned on the television, and Stephen Covey was on talking about his book, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. So began a 17 year journey of devouring many, many similar books to what I read today … Wayne Dyer, Neville, Deepak Chopra, Bruce Lipton and others like them.

It’s no coincidence that during this time of having my “master teacher” in town, I was re-reading the specific section in Wayne Dyer’s, There’s a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem, based on a line from St. Francis, “Where there is hatred, let me sow love” … I didn’t plan to be reading that section at that time. However it was perfect.

Dyer suggests that unkindness from others directed towards us is love going in the opposite direction and from people who feel unloved. This is how I handled it and will continue from this point forward as it was a release, surrender and healing for me. You may not be able to verbalize this in your situation but you can certainly silently convey the same message.

I attempted to keep myself in a place of love. I was silently sending blessings and love to everyone. I did not engage in defending my current or past actions. The oncoming negativity stopped when I said, “You’re right about that”. Amazing how that deflates things. I wasn’t agreeing, just lovingly letting the other person relax into feeling they were right.

After a friend reminded me, I begin to see this person viewing me as I would like him to view me. I also kept repeating that I only come from a place of love. That was always my response. And, ended by lovingly telling the other person that I was sorry that he felt so unloved. After all of this the atmosphere and attitude completely changed.

If you are in a similar situation, perhaps you could begin seeing the disgruntled person as viewing you as you would like to be viewed. Silently send them love and blessings.

And absolutely don’t take what they say personally. See them as fellow souls who simply feel unloved.

Life lessons presented as uncomfortable situations, aren’t always in the form of people and relationships. At other times, it may be a situation or event we find ourselves in the midst of. This same method can be applied, rather “lived”, whether it is a person, situation, event, or place.

Why am I sharing this? Simply that I feel this may be helpful to others. That’s all. Perhaps if you’ve landed on this post on purpose or through a random search, it is exactly what you needed to hear or you know of someone that would benefit.

I choose to live my life knowing that all we must do is “Let Go”, knowing that love is the one magical ingredient to peacefully and joyfully experiencing lessons in life. What about you?

H♥rtfuly Inspired™,
See It. Share It. BE IT … Spread Love Everywhere You Go!

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