I Love You With a Second Cup of Coffee

June 24 2023

Good morning from Northern Nevada. Time for a second cup of coffee. ☕️

I saw a post a few minutes ago that has me wondering. Do you tell your friends that you love them? It seems some folks confuse telling a friend this, with telling a romantic partner this. I say there’s a completely different energy behind each one of those statements. Even though they are the exact same words. ❤️💋❤️

What Do We Truly Mean When We Say I Love You

I Love You

What do we truly mean when we say we love and accept another?

Do we love and accept the idea of them?

Do we love and accept them for how they make us feel?


Do we love and accept them for who they know themselves to be?

What do we truly mean when we say we we love and accept another?

Do we mean no matter what you tell me about yourself, my love will ever be there.
Do we mean no matter what you tell me about yourself, I accept you.
Do we mean no matter what you tell me about yourself, you are worthy.


Do we mean as long as who you are does not draw unlovely attention towards ME; my love will ever be there.
Do we mean as long as who you are does not cause others to view ME in an unkind or harsh manner, I accept you.
Do we mean as long as being who you are does not cause ME extra effort and work, I view you as worthy.

This is not a writing to preach which of these is correct and perhaps this makes no sense to you. Many times I write to be set free from the hurtful ramblings of the mind; to process and walk through the lovely and unlovely thoughts that weave through my mind.

I am moved to share to encourage others to write, to experience connection with others, and with the knowing that the person who would benefit from reading what I’ve written, will see it. I know my writings are not everyone’s cup of tea. Thank goodness as that would be too huge a cup to fill! HA!

I’ve been in a twenty year process to shed who I had become and have walked into embracing the first of these scenarios. Life presented me with opportunity after opportunity to stand back from situations and ponder which of these I choose to make my core.

Recently I received news that gave me an opportunity to go even deeper with this learning. I found there was a part of me still clinging to the second of these scenarios. I did not know this to be the case. How could I have known until presented with the situation? How can anyone view another’s choices and way of life, judging that they are doing it wrong and making wrong choices, if they have not been presented by life with opportunities to question their own beliefs?

This is what I have learned in the past few weeks as my heart has opened further than I even knew possible. As I made my way deeper within and communed with the Divine to break wide open what was still closed to loving ALL no matter what. Opening the heart space that is closed for so many of us. The heart space of loving and accepting no matter what that means to my ego, what others will choose to think or say, nor how many will choose to turn their backs.

And this I Know. It has meant the entire world to the one who was and is in need of my trust, support, and love.

And this I know. This has added another layer of patience and empathy. Another layer of stepping back, releasing judgment of others, and BEing the Divine Love that we all are …. Peace and love …. xoxo –©️2018, Camilla Downs

See It. Share It. BE IT … Spread Love Everywhere You Go!

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Mindful Living: A Love Letter

My 8 year old son, Thomas, just aches to receive his very own mail. I remember being young and the thrill of receiving a letter or card from a friend. It’s one of the best feelings in the world!

He asked me the other day if he could mail a letter to himself. I told him that sounds like a GREAT idea. So, he wrote himself a letter and included a Hal sticker from Live Gracefully.

He didn’t just write himself a letter. He sent love to himself. I’ve mirrored to him and taught him that self love is the most important aspect to loving others. Once we truly know that we are self love, life becomes what it is meant to be. And that will be different for each person.

We must “know” this in our heart, not just our mind. Speaking as a recovering “living from the mind” person, I can with authority say that there is a difference. Ever since my childhood I have been an analytical thinker, solving almost all life issues with my mind. Now, in my 40’s I have awakened to a different way.

Thomas received his love letter this weekend! He opened it as if he’d never seen it before. He quickly tore a piece of the paper and wrote a note back to himself. He’d like to mail that too!

What an amazing inspiration this young man is to myself and others?!

Just think, what if I had told him he couldn’t mail a letter to himself? He wouldn’t have received a love letter in the mail, I wouldn’t have gotten joy sharing the love with others on facebook, and you would not be reading this “love letter” from me.

How about you? Would you like to receive a smile, a hug, or even a “how do you do” in the mail? I’ll be the first to raise my hand!! I would!

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H♥rtfuly Inspired™,
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