Steadfast and Courage With a Theme of Meeting My Edge

With Lillian turning 18 and the stressful move, I got behind on posting things here. For a while, you’ll be getting some older posts as I get caught up … Much love!

December 31 2019:

We celebrate on east coast time. Sparkling pink lemonade …. YUM!

I wrote this poem December 31, 2018, which also led to the two words for 2019: Steadfast and Courage, with a theme of Meeting My Edge.

How wild it is to sit here one full year later, reflecting on just how much and how often I met my edge. Especially these last six months.

Years ago I chose the path less traveled, a path shrouded in darkness, discoveries, deep healing; buffered with joy, peace, and coming to know my true self. I surrendered and untethered myself.

I’ve lost many I thought were friends. I suppose they came to dislike me and my life choices. I’m sure it was best for all involved, yet, this does not lesson the pain. It’s surely been no picnic. I simply could not choose otherwise.

For, what the hell am I doing here if I’m not going to live life from my heart?

Meeting my edge, indeed. As strong as the urge was at times to check out, I stayed with the experiences. It nearly killed me, I nearly killed it. I danced with the edge, cursed it, fought it, loved it, and now I shall walk into 2020 with inner peace, with authenticity and head held high. ♥️✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼♥️

**March 25 2020: Editing to add – 2020 is the year of Rejuvenation. It’s about nurturing myself. So, for now … no more meeting my edge! HA! The past 13 years have been intense, culminating with all that happened last year. I reached a tipping point. A good tipping point. The tipping point of my healing journey. Intense, but worth it!

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