Fishing with Liam and Shifting My Perspective

Meet little 3 year old Liam’s legs and feet. He and his mom sat next to me at Virginia Lake Park in early March. Liam was fishing and I fished with him. I caught a fish!!!

Liam Fishing March 2016 Virginia Lake Park

It was magical fishing with him!! He kept holding his breath, jumping off the bench into the water, and going down deep into those murky waters! We tried to catch shrimp as I told him that’s what I wanted for dinner. No luck. We only caught fish (hint: the pinecones are the fish!)

Joy, imagination, and nature … Magnificent!

I was in a grumpy mood when I sat down. Thomas and I were headed to a different location during our March 2016 date day when we passed this park. He asked if we could stop. I agreed and then let myself get grumpy about this unplanned stop.

I was sitting on the bench being impatient and ready to carry on with our planned stop, being judgmental of others at the park, being grumpy …. And. I prayed to see things differently. Then …..

Liam and his mom sat next to me. All we have to do is ask AND be open to receiving.

I was able let myself relax, go with the flow, BE in the moment, and enjoy this precious moment delivered by a wonderful 3 year old and his divine imagination.

Simply a reminder to let yourself be open to seeing things differently when you may most be in need of it. Allowing yourself to receive the joy of BEing in the present moments of life.


See It. Share It. BE IT … Spread Love Everywhere You Go!

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