Book Musings: Parenting and Mindfulness and Words

Seven Spiritual Laws for Parents Book

The Seven Spiritual Laws for Parents

I’ve owned this book since 2009 or 2010 and it’s one I re-read and have incorporated into our family discussions.

Here are a few excerpts:

“…. However, a child who was taught from the age of three or four “You are here for a reason” would face a very different future. Such a child would see the search for meaning in life as a natural thing, the spiritual equivalent of learning your ABC’s. There would be no years of postponement, followed by desperate inner turmoil. “Why am I here?” doesn’t have to be a fearsome existential question. It is the most joyful exploration a person can undertake, and we do our children an immense favor by presenting it as such.”

“…. if I had been taught just these seven sentences as a child, my life would have been profoundly different. I would have known something precious and practical at the same time, something that would not have faded as a childhood lesson but would have ripened into mature spiritual understanding year by year.”

Milton's Secret Book 2016

Milton’s Secret

I was so excited to see this book! I’ve been following the making of the movie by Eckhart Tolle. However, I didn’t even know there was a children’s book. It was on display in the children’s book section.

It’s about finding the power of the present moment. A great book for helping kids discover mindfulness! Cannot wait for the movie!!

A River of Words Book 2016

A River of Words – The Story of William Carlos Williams

We learned that William Carlos Williams is considered one of our most influential American poets and his work is read and studied in schools and universities all over the world.

“His most important contribution to American poetry was his focus on everyday objects and the lives of common people. By stripping away unnecessary details, Williams tried to ‘see the thing itself … with great intensity and perception.'”

I was drawn by this last piece .. seeing the thing itself. Plus, the illustrations were completely different. Just loved them!!

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Book Musings: Sitting, Living, and Words

“How to Sit” (amazon affiliate link) Another wonderful and simple book I read to Thomas and Lillian … We all really liked it!

“Peace is Contagious

The energy of mindfulness can help improve your whole being. Just pay attention to your in breath. Allow it to be the way it is and you will see that the quality of your breathing naturally becomes calmer, deeper, and more harmonious all by itself. This is the power of simple recognition. When your breath is deeper and more peaceful, it will have an influence right away on your body and your mind. Peace and calm are contagious.”

“Living Beautifully” (amazon affiliate link) I always find such meaningful content in Pema Chodron’s books.

“Let the power of your emotions open you up … Take your seat in the middle of your home ground and rouse your confidence – your innate capacity to open to your experience.”

“Roget and His Thesaurus” (amazon affiliate link) Wonderful book of the life of P.M. Roget and how Roget’s Thesaurus came to be.

“Measured on the vast scale of the universe, the globe we inhabit appears but as an atom; and yet, within the compass of this atom, what an inexhaustible variety of objects is contained; what an endless diversity of phenomena is presented; what wonderful changes are occurring in rapid and perpetual succession!” – P.M. Roget

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