Poetry: Ode to the Sock

In honor of World Poetry Day 2018 and in complete contrast to my usual writings … And to follow up with an oh so fun sock thread on facebook courtesy of my 12 year old son, Thomas … Hope it makes you giggle!

I give you …

Ode to Socks Poem March 2018

Ode to the Sock

Sock, Oh Sock!
What a strange
creature you are!

Your creation was
meant for good
I can see that.

Yet, most times you come
equipped with a built in
irritator to rub
these precious feet.

Rub, rub, rub in a way
that the mind latches onto.
Latches onto and will not
let go until we remove
the offending creature
from our feet.

That seam!
That seam
make us want
to scream!

Sock, Oh Sock!

We simply want our toes
and feet to be free.
Free from the
confines of your

We do enjoy the softness
and warmth you provide
when needed.

Yet, most times
we would rather
you Be anywhere else
but confining our feet.

Sock, Oh Sock!
We send you love.
Yet, send you on your way.

Here’s to Toe and Foot Freedom …
-2018, Lessons from Nature

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