Movie Musings: Absent Minded and Snowballs and Perfect Christmas

“The Absent Minded Professor” (amazon affiliate link) … Second time around for this one! Absent minded high flying fun!! ( …. from a Team TLC Movie Night 2 years ago)

“Snowball Express” (amazon affiliate link) …. definitely some laughter in my bedroom tonight! Just plain silliness y’all! ( ….. from a Team TLC Movie night 3 years ago)

“Barbie – A Perfect Christmas” (amazon affiliate link) … “Although I don’t like the way this begins, I do like that it’s ultimately about the perfect Christmas being within and not without. Fun music and magical too.” -Me …. Lillian says, “Good, exciting, good moral, Christmasy, good music, good theme, and awesome.” Thomas says, “Good, amazing, good moral, and seasonal.”

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