Sharing and Acceptance: An Interview with the Author of Steve the Alien


Welcome everyone to a very special interview with G. Brian Benson, author of Steve the Alien. Here’s a bit about the book:

“Steve the Alien” is a 54 page rhyming out of this world adventure story where earth boy meets alien boy.

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Camilla: What is Steve the Alien about and what does it help teach?

Brian: On a routine walk to school, Zeke encounters more than he bargains for when a lovable space alien named Steve unexpectedly visits him on Earth while on a grand scavenger hunt through outer space! Young readers will enjoy this fun rhyming journey that teaches them the importance of sharing and to be accepting of new friends.

Camilla: Tell us about how the phrase, “It’s never too late”, ties in with Steve the Alien?

Brian: I first started writing “Steve the Alien” way back in 2004. I wrote about half of the story yet couldn’t quite figure out how to finish it. I set it down for 3 years and picked it back up and finished it in 2007.

I then signed a contract with a company in 2010 that was going to make “Steve the Alien” into a moving picture book on an app. I was thrilled! Then after about a year and a half, the company ran out of money and “Steve the Alien” was shelved again.

After getting them to release me from the contract “Steve” sat another 5 years before I got the courage to bring him to life this year. Today it sits climbing the Amazon best-seller rankings on its long awaited book release launch today. Life is strange.

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Camilla: Is there a certain children’s book writer who inspired you?

Brian: Yes! I have always loved Dr. Seuss and enjoy writing in rhyme.

Camilla: What final message would you like to share?

Brian: I am truly thankful that I finally got to bring “Steve the Alien” to life. It’s a project that always gave me a lot of joy while I was writing it and I had hoped way back then that I would be able to see this rhyming adventure spring to life in vivid illustrations some day. And although I had to wait 12 years…that day is finally here! It’s never too late.


Thank you so much Brian for your time. I personally love that this book touches on the importance of acceptance.

Brian also has created a wonderful video going into a bit more detail about the book. It even includes him reading a few excerpts from the book! Love this!

You can learn more and purchase Steve the Alien by going to any of the following:

Steve the

You can learn more about Brian by going to his website:

G. Brian

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