Lessons from Nature Debut – What Happens When I Write a Poem

The debut of “Lessons from Nature” … In the debut video I describe how I write a poem, what happens, and from where the words come. Plus I make mention of e.e. cummings … Didn’t see that coming! This was … Continue reading

Love is Magical – A Renga Poem

In July 2015 Team TLC wrote a renga poem. It took us about 1 or 2 weeks as the nature of a renga is that authors take turns writing a stanza. I love the outcome and felt moved to share … Continue reading

2021 Christmas Fayre – Books and Art by Camilla Downs and Thomas Darnell and Lillian Darnell

Welcome to the 2021 Christmas Fayre hosted by the Meeting the Authors! Facebook Group! Beginning today, Friday, December 3rd, and running throughout the weekend. Join us for great gift ideas. Each day will hold different and beautiful gifts. With books, … Continue reading

Enjoyable and Soothing – Words of Alchemy

Thank you to Chantelle Atkins for this lovely, glowing review for Words of Alchemy! I found this to be a very enjoyable and soothing read and would recommend it to anyone who feels the need to dip out of this … Continue reading

A Book of Affirmations, A Book of Magic Spells – Words of Alchemy

“This collection of free-verse poetry is vivid and heart-felt. At times it seemed like a book of affirmations; at others a meditation on life. Even more poems reminded me of magic spells, sending love and good wishes out into the … Continue reading

Throwback: The One Stillness

**THROWBACK POST**  (I think this was written in 2017 – Originally submitted to a poetry website for consideration to be published.) (Photo taken by me Spring 2019) The One Stillness And she began the walk, The walk of only she, … Continue reading

Throwback Post: Compassion Has Replaced Judgments

**THROWBACK POST** I think this was written in 2017, not sure. (Photo from a Summer 2021 Walk) The space within me that held the weight of so many judgments … Judgments against people who thought and felt differently, judgments against … Continue reading

Reblog: The 15th Birthday for Thomas Darnell

November 13 2020 Happy 15th Birthday, Thomas Darnell!! Thank you …. for making me laugh for intelligent, spirited conversation for running errands with me for helping me for sharing your love of history with me for sharing your passion for … Continue reading

Stunning Collection Sourced from the Soul – Words of Alchemy Review

Deep gratitude to Kim Rigby for this beautiful, heartfelt, review of Words of Alchemy. Thank you for seeing me, Kim! xoxo “Words of Alchemy is a stunning collection of poems that appears to have been sourced directly from the soul, … Continue reading

Throwback Post: Wild Dream With an Ocean Creature

**THROWBACK POST** September 6 2018 Two Homes She was in a house. The two sided house. One side beautiful and functional. The other side old and not as functional. The wall separating the two disappeared And then the two were … Continue reading