Lessons from Nature Debut – What Happens When I Write a Poem

The debut of “Lessons from Nature” … In the debut video I describe how I write a poem, what happens, and from where the words come. Plus I make mention of e.e. cummings … Didn’t see that coming! This was … Continue reading

Love is Magical – A Renga Poem

In July 2015 Team TLC wrote a renga poem. It took us about 1 or 2 weeks as the nature of a renga is that authors take turns writing a stanza. I love the outcome and felt moved to share … Continue reading

An Outrageously Determined Trailblazer – Spotlight on JQM Literary

Much thanks to James for having me on the JQM Literary Spotlight today! We’re chattin’ about an outrageously determined, trailblazing, heartfelt, warrior woman and how I became an accidental poet. Join us … FIRST, LET’S GET TO KNOW YOU A … Continue reading

Writing With My Eyes Closed – Author D.G. Kaye Interviews Camilla


I was recently interviewed by author, D.G. Kaye, on her lovely blog. We chat about mermaids, fairies, gypsies, being a Pisces, unexpected life paths and how they led to becoming an author, following inner nudges, and writing with my eyes … Continue reading

Positive Ripple Effect of Packing My Energy Into Poetry – An Interview on Books and Wine Gums

In mid-June 2020, I was interviewed by Emma on her lovely Books and Wine Gums blog. We chat about deciding what goes into my writings and what stays private, found poetry, why I think poetry is enjoying a resurgence in … Continue reading

Throwback Post – Relaxes the Soul

**THROWBACK POST** May 2014 (photo from Pixabay) Ocean Moving, Beautiful Rushing With Waves Relaxes The Soul Of Others Water Poem by Thomas Darnell (my son, at age 8 years old) … May 2014 … The true love and happiness in … Continue reading

Brings Nature into the Heart of the Family – Words of Alchemy

“A beautiful and heartfelt collection that brings nature into the heart of the family in a very comforting way. The links to the authors children are very endearing and makes the whole book feel ‘real’, and the poems they collaborate … Continue reading

Words of Alchemy on Mai’s Musings

I was invited in May to share two of the poems from Words of Alchemy on the lovely blog, Mai’s Musings. I’d be deeply grateful if you have the time to visit Mai’s blog, enjoy the poems, and share, like, … Continue reading

Gentle Courage that Unfolds into a Celebration – Words of Alchemy


“This is an exceptional collection of endlessly expressive free verse poetry, extremely moving and inspirational in a variety of different ways. It speaks of nature, healing, family, heart, unconditional love, joy, harmony in oneself, mindfulness, vulnerability and genuine acceptance of … Continue reading