Why I Write

Bench at Vintage Lake February 2016

I feel it is my purpose to openly share my own life experiences with others. I freely explain and share lessons I’ve learned and practices I use that work for me and my family. If needed, I listen with love and compassion and intuitively share thoughts and examples from my own life.

I write about connecting with nature, parenting, mindful livingsimplicitygratitude, and emotions. Plus, I like to write and share poetry too!

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

I feel if we practice the following we will heal ourself and the world’s children will continue to have the self-love they are born with, to feel secure, to feel loved, to feel successful, and free to be who they are ……. LOVE.

  • truly love ourself and model that love
  • practice mindfulness in our own realm and lovingly share mindfulness with our kids
  • learn emotional connection and model and teach it to our kids
  • spend time connecting with nature and model this for our kids
  • practice gratitude and model and teach it to our kids

There is something inside of me that won’t let me not write. Something that gently nudges and says, “You’ve just got to share that.”

My instinct, my gut, whatever you want to call it – that’s what I’m talking about. I fought this feeling for a while. I didn’t think I had anything meaningful to contribute and wondered why anyone would care what I thought or had to say.

I feel my journey is supposed to be shared with others to inspire, give hope and to help create a shift. Another reason I feel compelled is to share the message that one’s view of life is what creates the life one experiences.

Writing and sharing snippets through social media is also healing and a way of shedding what no longer serves. When I write I can hardly contain the emotions I feel inside. The emotions are as hot as lava and as sweet as honeysuckle – from the pit of my belly all the way up to my throat. I am, indeed, compelled to share my experiences.

Each time that “little voice” inside me says “What are you doing? Why are you wasting time on this? This will not make you money!”; I begin to get discouraged. Then I receive confirmation from those around me that what I’m doing and the path I have chosen is inspiring and helpful.

Why Does It Matter?

I get feedback from others verbally, through email and facebook that I encourage and motivate them. I feel it is the World saying to me, “You see, this is why you are to share your life.”

I would continue this sharing journey even if I didn’t receive these messages. For, I know it is what I am to supposed to do. This is my unique way of sharing my given talents. When we share, in the way that only we can, we bless humanity.

I no longer question when I get a flash of inspiration or a gut feeling to share something. I have reached complete acceptance and have full faith in this little adventure I’m on with Team TLC.

As long as one person or one family has been positively influenced by my writing and sharing, I have accomplished what I feel I was meant to do. The reason I say this is because I believe it doesn’t end with that one person. It creates a positive ripple effect that spreads like the ripple created from a rock thrown in water … it keeps on keepin on spreading loving-kindness!

My hope is that you connect with, physically feel, and release worry, fear and guilt. Trust your intuition when you are being pulled in a certain direction …. EVEN if you don’t know the why or how …. and begin your own Journey to Acceptance …

I help to support my family with my writings. I share my writings for free for the benefit of others. If you benefited from this writing, would you like to toss a tip in the love offering “bucket”? Oceans of gratitude … xoxo


See It. Share It. BE IT … Spread Love Everywhere You Go!

Did you know I wrote a book? It’s titled “D iz for Different – One Woman’s Journey to Acceptance” and you can read more about it here.

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Happy 10th Birthday Thomas A. Darnell

What do I say that I haven’t already said to celebrate this wonderful, kind-hearted, shining young man? It really matters less what I say about and to him as opposed to how much it matters how I live my own life, what I mirror and how I react to life’s situations in his presence.

That’s the amazing thing about having kids. It’s like having an accountability partner 24 hours a day, a walking vision board, a mirror even; to remind you of how you truly want to live your life. This is also why I, and others, claim that our kids are one of our greatest teachers. They mirror for us qualities about ourselves that we want to shift and remind us of our own philosophies and words of wisdom when we most need to hear or see it.

My birthday wish for Thomas is that he never forget the qualities of his soul. That he is an empathetic, kind-hearted being of love, that he never misses out on an opportunity to spread loving-kindness when he is urged by his inner light to do so. That he never lets me or another adult tell him his thoughts and ideas for spreading loving-kindness won’t work or are silly. That he discovers the treasure that he holds in his heart and share that treasure with all other beings. That this bring him all that he desires – success, prosperity, affluence – all wrapped in the love shared by others. And, that he always remembers to have fun and laugh while living this life.


In moments of confusion remember to BE quiet, BE still, breathe, think peaceful thoughts (especially the peace mantra we learned – Om Shanti Om). When you connect with the stillness, you open the portal to your own creativity and your heart will use that to give you answers and solutions. It’s magical, miraculous, and it works every time.

May you never let your light be dulled by outside influences, may you remain true to your heart, and may you always strive to BE mindful. There are no words to describe the depth of love I feel for you. YOU are a true gift.

I thought it would be fun to include a collection of the birthday wishes I’ve posted for Thomas’ birthday over the years.


For 8 years now I’ve had the pleasure of this person’s beautiful light in my life. It ain’t been all roses and butterflies, yet it’s been perfect and just as it should have been and is. I am thankful for all that he teaches me and will continue to teach me. I painted a rock for him and made a card filled with love and (hopefully) words of wisdom … along with an apology for not having more for him. This morning he gave me a huge hug, told me he loved me and that it’s okay and that it doesn’t matter. So blessed, I am. “Fill your heart with love … Love is always the answer. Listen to your heart. That’s where love lives.” – My message to Thomas in his card .. Happy Happy Happy Birthday Beautiful Shining Thomas!!!!!!!! xoxo


Some people say, “I can’t believe (s)he is already 8 years old.” I think to myself, “I cannot believe he is only 8 years old!” …. I wrote a post dedicated to this young man. Link is in the comments if you want to read more! “Today, on HIS special day he came and got me, told me to close my eyes and led me to his room. He said he had a gift for me. When I got to his room I removed my hand from my eyes and he had beautifully made his bed! Take my breath away … HE had a gift for ME on HIS special day! This was more of a gift than … ”


HAPPY 7TH BIRTHDAY THOMAS!!!!! You came right into this world without any hesitation the night of November 13, 2005 and you haven’t stopped since! I am grateful and blessed in a way I cannot even describe that you came into my life and keep me learning and growing. I’m enjoying every minute of observing you on this journey of discovering your gifts and talents and am so excited to see how you use them to serve others. You have taught me patience, not taking actions and comments of others personally, and have furthered my true understanding of releasing judgements of others. You inspire me to be the best teacher and guide to you and your sister that I can be. It’s been a wild and crazy (and fun) adventure and I’m thankful to you for inspiring me to go deeper. within myself to be the best that I can be.


Happy 6th Birthday to the handsome superhero Thomas! One who, at times helps me understand why some people don’t want kids, and at other times melts my heart, makes me laugh so hard my face hurts and one whom has added to and enhanced my journey for the better. He teaches me how to be a better parent and gives me tremendous incentive to learn how to teach him respect and how to make good choices. Thanks for the wild and crazy ride young man . . . always an adventure with you in our lives . . . Love YOU to pieces!


Happy Birthday today to the one whom makes my heart happy dance and melt with every hug, every kiss and every “I Love You”. Happy 5th Birthday to my son Thomas. You crack me up with your imagination and add to my JoY in an indescribable way!!


Happy 4th Birthday today to a little dude who makes sure that my everday is anything but dull & boring! Happy Birthday Thomas ~ I Love You!!!

See It. Share It. BE IT … Spread Love Everywhere You Go!

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Inspired Living: Pondering Parenting Style and Children Behavior

(Thomas and Lillian during one of our sunset walks .. August 2013)

Children are educated by what the grown-up is and not by his talk. -Carl Jung

I was in a big box store last Wednesday afternoon and what I heard and saw over and over settled into me. I felt compelled to share some thoughts ….

Thomas, Lillian and I were invited to participate in Operation School Bell which was sponsored by our local Assistance League. This program allows a family to shop for school clothes for their child or children at a big box store on a specific date during a specific set time. Being a part of this was a wonderful experience and I am grateful to Assistance League of Reno-Sparks and the store that facilitated and hosted the event.

As you can imagine there were a lot of children there with their parents. Some of them were not on their best behavior. That’s not what settled in with me. It was the parents response and behavior towards their kids. I heard the most unkind comments directed towards these kids. I do not walk in these people’s shoes so I attempted and still do attempt to remain non-judgmental about the situation. I do, however, ponder about it.

Yes, the kids were acting wild and crazy. Why? Could it possibly have to do with how their self worth has been fed during the first 6 years of their lives? Could it have to do with the tone with which they have been spoken during the early years of their lives? Could it have to do with whether or not they have been given choices from the moment they were able to do so? Could it have to do with whether or not they have been given an audience with their parents or loved ones when they needed or wanted it? Have they learned that their thoughts and opinions matter? In the early years of their life, were they treated with love, kindness and compassion as another living soul even though they were in a little baby body, then a toddler body and then a young child’s body? Could it have to do with what they eat and have eaten all of their lives? Could it have to do with how much they watch television or use electronics, now and since their birth? Could it be the interactions between the adults in their lives that they have observed and do observe every day?

These are just some thoughts I pondered that evening. They were very strong thoughts and it seemed I could not move on from thinking about this. For me, that meant it was something I was supposed to share with whoever wants to read about it.

I don’t know the answer but I do know this. When I look at my kids, 7 year old Thomas and 12 year old Lillian, I see another person and soul before I see that they are children. Most times, I convey to them that they matter and what they want or need to share with me matters by stopping what I’m doing, getting to their level and listening. Now, I am human, so there are times when I forget this. I attempt to never discount what they have just shared. I carefully craft my response if I feel something they have shared is erroneous. What I’m saying is that I don’t say things like “That’s stupid. That will never work. That’s not right. You’re wrong.” I have incorporated bits and pieces of Love and Logic Magic for Early Childhood: Practical Parenting From Birth to Six Years (amazon affiliate link) since Lillian was 2 years old. I mix it up with my own style of parenting.

I am absolutely human and I don’t always do this. I have moments where I choose to let thoughts of “I’m too tired”, “I don’t want to do this or be here” or “I wish they would just leave me alone”! I feel as long as we are having more of the previous moments rather than the latter we are fulfilling our role as parents or caregivers magnificently!

Honestly, since these two came into my life and since becoming a single parent I have had a complete 100% turn in what was to be my parenting style. Children should not only be seen, but heard and made to feel important. Not important because they got good grades or won their game or made the team … Important because they exist and they have something special and unique to offer this World.

Just my thoughts and just something for others to ponder.

Let parents bequeath to their children not riches, but the spirit of reverence. -Plato

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