Book Musings: Mother Teresa and Pebbles and Butterflies

Mother Teresa (amazon affiliate link)– We love all the books we’ve read that are written and illustrated by DEMI. This was the perfect book to end our day with last night. A woman who listened to what was in her heart.

A Pebble for Your Pocket (amazon affiliate link)

Ask for help and you shall receive … This past summer Thomas got angry and it was spilling out of him in unkind ways. He asked me for help in getting past the moment and was not liking anything I suggested. It was time for our nightly reading and “A Pebble for Your Pocket” is what we were currently reading.

I opened to where we had stopped the night before and this is where we were to begin again, “When We Are Angry”. Thomas stopped me after reading the title and halfway through the first sentence and said that I had chosen that on purpose. “No, Thomas, I did not. This is where we stopped last night. You asked for help and here it is.” I felt his energy shift just from hearing this. He was glued to the entire section.

May you be open to receive the answers you ask for too! LOVE!! xoxo

Butterfly Tree (amazon affiliate link)

Great story of the wonder and mystery of the migration of monarch butterflies. Made it into a great mystery! Cool!

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Book Musings: Sparrow and Dove

Team TLC read this poem before bed a few nights ago. When I was done, Thomas said he really liked it. I agree with Thomas. I liked it so much, my eyes almost sweated! Sharing with y’all, because if we liked it that much, I’m sure some of you may enjoy it too. I take great joy in mindful living so I can catch and savor these beautiful moments when they arrive.

Answer to A Child’s Question

Do you ask what the birds say? The Sparrow, the Dove, The Linnet and Thrush say, “I love and I love!” In the winter they’re silent—the wind is so strong; What it says, I don’t know, but it sings a loud song. But green leaves, and blossoms, and sunny warm weather, And singing, and loving—all come back together. But the Lark is so brimful of gladness and love, The green fields below him, the blue sky above, That he sings, and he sings; and for ever sings he— “I love my Love, and my Love loves me!” – Samuel Taylor Coleridge

This poem is included in a book of animal poems titled, Birds, Beasts and Fishes. There are many other amazing poems in the book with beautiful illustrations.

While reading the poem that night I was flooded with warm feelings of love for myself, for nature and simply being alive.

Thomas said the poem made him feel happy and made him want to hug and kiss Lillian and me.

What feelings or thoughts does it bring forth in you? Please share. We would love to hear about it! Go here to share your comments.

Heartfuly Inspired™,
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