Poetry and Photography: The Path of the Heart

The Path of the Heart

The path back home
seems littered with
suffering and struggle.

What is this insane
ability to cause
one self such suffering?

Suffering by way of the
thoughts that dart
here and there,
at times stabbing
the soul as if they
were a cold, sharp knife.

When one golden day
the tides of change
bring the knowing
that the path
is also littered
with Love.

A Love shining so
bright and clear, that
the suffering seems almost
not to have happened.

The path of Love
The path of suffering
The path of struggles
The path of Joy
The path of Harmony
The path of irritation
The path of guilt
The path of Peace

All the same path
The path that we each travel.
Made to seem different
by way of the degree of
suffering we cause our self.

Made to seem different
until that glorious day
that we each learn
to love our self and
to love one another through
everything that happens.

For the things that
happen will still be
there; yet, the perception
of each will shift
the more the one
love’s oneself through
the things.

The path of Love.
The path we all
shall arrive upon
one sweet day.

Oh, glory be.
We shall see.
©️2018 Camilla Downs

(Photo Credit: Me)

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