Signing Off and Saying Goodbye to 2023

December 31 2023

I asked Basil his thoughts for 2023. He says as long as you relaxed and cleaned your paws, it was a fabulous year! 🎉🐾🎉

Chad Basil the First has declared 2024 to be The Year of Smoked Salmon. He had smoked salmon for the first time last night. Let me just say, it’s a good thing he can’t actually talk because he would have been begging us for more. As long as he gets to have more smoked salmon this year, he will be HAPPY!! 💯🎉💯

Thomas made spicy, Parmesan pretzel rods and macaroni salad. I’m having a hibiscus gin & tonic (yum) and we’ve got different cheeses, apple, pear, chips, dips, and smoked salmon for later, followed by some bubbly. Feels like there’s the perfect movies to go along with these. 🎉

Slight correction. “…. My Grand kitty’s little forehead, bro.” Isn’t he so cute with that lil white mustache? I’m out y’all. See you in 2024! 🎉💋🎉

Visions of Sweetness – Feeling all the Feels

December 30 2023

Clouds this morning
Clouds this week
Visions of sweetness.

I’m feeling lonely and down today. Most days I’m content not having a partner or really close friends. But I’m feeling all the feels today. Please send hugs. Thought I’d share for anyone else feeling the same. 🖤🖤🖤

Meet Those Edges With Love and Laughter

December 30 2023

2018 End of Year Poem:

The Ride of Life

No longer riding on the merry go round,
She celebrates whenever she wants,
She laughs when it’s funny,
And sometimes when it’s not funny,
She cries when the tears want to flow,
She eats breakfast for dinner,
She dances in the aisles,
She hands out hugs
Like Halloween candy,
She hugs the trees,
She meets her edge,
She stays with the experiences of life,
She lives.
And so it is.

May you meet your edges in 2024, surrounded by joy, laughter, and oceans of love. xoxo