2021 Christmas Fayre – Books and Art by Camilla Downs and Thomas Darnell and Lillian Darnell

Welcome to the 2021 Christmas Fayre hosted by the Meeting the Authors! Facebook Group! Beginning today, Friday, December 3rd, and running throughout the weekend. Join us for great gift ideas. Each day will hold different and beautiful gifts. With books, … Continue reading

Reblog: Lillian and Camilla January 2021 Date Day

January 26 2021 Today was the Lillian and Camilla January 2021 Date Day We had fries from Noble Pie Parlor or lunch. Their fries are THE BEST!! Plus, they have a vegan option!! Forgot to take a photo of the … Continue reading

Throwback Post: Life is Like a Maze – Lillian Darnell

**THROWBACK POST** I have no idea when Lillian shared this with me. It was either in 2017 or 2018. (Photo from an October 2020 Date Day with Thomas) Hey there! Imagine a maze with dead ends and straight lines. Every … Continue reading

Reblog: Lillian and Camilla November 2020 Date Day

November 24 2020 Lillian and Camilla November 2020 Date Day French fries from Noble Pie Parlor – Summit Reno for both of us, with a Trader Joe’s spicy lentil wrap for me. Dessert of a white chocolate dipped cookie for … Continue reading

Exciting News – Lillian’s Imaginarium is Open

Hey! Hey! Here’s the huge announcement regarding my daughter, Lillian Darnell’s, creations! I have been working on this for months, with the help of a very incredible friend! Thank you to Kate Raina for guiding me, and getting Lillian’s creations … Continue reading

Reblog: Lillian Darnell – First Time Voting

October 23 2020 It is done. I normally wouldn’t take so many pictures. Yet, this was Lillian’s first time. She can’t/won’t wear a mask so she didn’t get to walk it in to the official ballot box at Raleys – … Continue reading

Reblog: Camilla and Lillian October 2020 Date Day

October 10 2020 Yesterday was the Lillian and Camilla October 2020 Date Day First stop: I picked up an order of fries for Lillian and we had a great lunch at home. Next stop: A trip to Wilbur May Arboretum. … Continue reading

Reblog: Poolside BBQ for Lillian Darnell’s 19th Birthday – Finally

September 28 2020 Finally got to have Lillian’s poolside BBQ birthday celebration. We weren’t able to do it on September 14th due to the smoke, and poor air quality. Wonderful afternoon hanging out with The Romano Duo. Go here to … Continue reading

Reblog: Congratulations to Lillian for Another Milestone

Congratulations to Lillian September 19 2020 I’m finished. I’m done! After eight years, Lillian will be fully taking over an aspect of her self care. We have been working the past seven months on her taking it over fully. I … Continue reading

Wild Herds of Amazing — Team TLC = Thomas, Lillian and Camilla


June 11 2020 Amazing walk this morning. So many herds of wild horses. The most I’ve seen, about 5 or 6 groups. Look at this gorgeous place, less than a 15 minute drive from us … Scripts Wildlife Preserve. Breathtaking! via … Continue reading