Beautiful Surprise of a Framed Tree — Team TLC = Thomas, Lillian and Camilla

Look at this beautiful surprise I found in the mail! Someone commented that this photo I took would look great as a card, and another someone saw that comment. She agreed, made it into a card, and mailed it to … Continue reading

First Two Teeth Addressed – Hallelujah — Team TLC = Thomas, Lillian and Camilla

May 11 2020 First two teeth down = crooked smile, left side of face numb. I’ve never been more thrilled about dentist visits! In and out in less than an hour and I didn’t feel anything (pain, that is). 116 … Continue reading

Her Eyes Opened Wide – 2019 Christmas Gift to Lillian

Homemade gift I made for Lillian. This was great fun! Using a book that was destined for the trash, I randomly opened the book and scanned for phrases to make into a poem. Found Poetry! Challenging! 💙💙💙 I wondered what … Continue reading

Shake Your Booty – Dancing Before Dinner — Team TLC = Thomas, Lillian and Camilla


March 24 2020 I didn’t feel like going for a walk in this wind, so stayed home and had a dance party, looking out the window while dancing. Close enough!! I heard them say, “Shake Your Booty”, so I put … Continue reading

Poetic Clouds With New Discoveries While Hugging Trees and Nature Leads the Way — Team TLC = Thomas, Lillian and Camilla


March 15 2020 Friday’s cloud White cotton candy Melts in your mouth Melts before your eyes March 16 2020 Today’s walk with Thomas. A new to us walk. Plus, we discovered this great looking sport called Disc Golf. Looks fun! … Continue reading

The Number 18: Happy Birthday to Lillian Darnell

The Number 18 Today is your 18th Birthday. Lillian Paige Darnell is 18 years old today. I can still see you in my mind’s eye as a wee lil 4 pound sweetheart as I wondered and dreamed about your journey … Continue reading

Peaceful Summer by Lillian Darnell – Poetry for Fundraising

Peaceful Summer by Lillian Darnell …. There’s still time to participate in Lillian’s fundraiser and get a custom poem created especially for you .. This one was created for a lovely supporter in Tasmania. Here’s the beautiful comment from Patricia once … Continue reading

Live Your Life as a Fairy Tale – Guest Post by Lillian Darnell

On April 1, 2019, Lillian and I were a guest on the lovely Katrina Marie Hart’s blog to share a bit about Lillian and her debut book, “Where Would You Fly and Other Magical Stories”. If it feels right, we … Continue reading

Latest News: Help Spread the Word for Lillian Darnell’s Fundraiser

Want to help spread the word for my special needs daughter, Lillian? She is fundraising to help pay for our attendance at the annual Chromosome 18 conference this July in Colorado Springs. Who wouldn’t love a custom poem created just … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Lillian Darnell – Deepest Wishes for a Joyful 17th Trip Around the Sun

September 14 2018: My Dearest Lillian, I wish for you the happiest of birthdays.  I wish for you a joyful and peaceful 17th trip around the sun. I wish for you all the experiences That your heart desires. Walks with … Continue reading