Wild Herds of Amazing — Team TLC = Thomas, Lillian and Camilla


June 11 2020 Amazing walk this morning. So many herds of wild horses. The most I’ve seen, about 5 or 6 groups. Look at this gorgeous place, less than a 15 minute drive from us … Scripts Wildlife Preserve. Breathtaking! via … Continue reading

Nearly Finished – Dentist Trip Number Three for Camilla — Team TLC = Thomas, Lillian and Camilla


June 3 2020 Lower left side teeth done this afternoon, entire left side of face numb. Only one more trip, two at most, and we’re done! Why am I sharing my dental journey? Everybody goes to the dentist, right? Going to … Continue reading

Lovely Walk of Inspiring Messages and Magical Moon Clouds — Team TLC = Thomas, Lillian and Camilla

Wonderful walks with surprises of inspirational messages along the way. June 3 2020 I purposely did not post these yesterday. First time back here in nearly three months for an inspiring walk. I adore what this neighborhood has done, with … Continue reading

Beautiful Surprise of a Framed Tree — Team TLC = Thomas, Lillian and Camilla

Look at this beautiful surprise I found in the mail! Someone commented that this photo I took would look great as a card, and another someone saw that comment. She agreed, made it into a card, and mailed it to … Continue reading

First Two Teeth Addressed – Hallelujah — Team TLC = Thomas, Lillian and Camilla

May 11 2020 First two teeth down = crooked smile, left side of face numb. I’ve never been more thrilled about dentist visits! In and out in less than an hour and I didn’t feel anything (pain, that is). 116 … Continue reading

Her Eyes Opened Wide – 2019 Christmas Gift to Lillian

Homemade gift I made for Lillian. This was great fun! Using a book that was destined for the trash, I randomly opened the book and scanned for phrases to make into a poem. Found Poetry! Challenging! 💙💙💙 I wondered what … Continue reading

Shake Your Booty – Dancing Before Dinner — Team TLC = Thomas, Lillian and Camilla


March 24 2020 I didn’t feel like going for a walk in this wind, so stayed home and had a dance party, looking out the window while dancing. Close enough!! I heard them say, “Shake Your Booty”, so I put … Continue reading

Poetic Clouds With New Discoveries While Hugging Trees and Nature Leads the Way — Team TLC = Thomas, Lillian and Camilla


March 15 2020 Friday’s cloud White cotton candy Melts in your mouth Melts before your eyes March 16 2020 Today’s walk with Thomas. A new to us walk. Plus, we discovered this great looking sport called Disc Golf. Looks fun! … Continue reading

The Number 18: Happy Birthday to Lillian Darnell

The Number 18 Today is your 18th Birthday. Lillian Paige Darnell is 18 years old today. I can still see you in my mind’s eye as a wee lil 4 pound sweetheart as I wondered and dreamed about your journey … Continue reading

Peaceful Summer by Lillian Darnell – Poetry for Fundraising

Peaceful Summer by Lillian Darnell …. There’s still time to participate in Lillian’s fundraiser and get a custom poem created especially for you .. This one was created for a lovely supporter in Tasmania. Here’s the beautiful comment from Patricia once … Continue reading