Biggest Little Photographer – Published October 2016 with Photography and Quotes by Thomas Darnell and Content and Design by Camilla Downs


This book, Biggest Little Photographer, represents the fruition of a desire. Yet, within that is the message that the steps along the journey of ones desire are what comprises life itself.

It’s sure to inspire with great quotes; almost all of which were chosen by Thomas (some by me). I’ve placed it in the photography/gift/inspiration category as these are most fitting. Order HERE (Cost $20).

All the photos were taken by Thomas when he was 8 and 9 years old, so this is not your typical photography book. Yet, I’m heartfuly positive it will not disappoint. If interested in learning more about the book, go here … Biggest Little Photographer Arrives – We DID it!

So far the book is being sold through the website, in six local shops (Reno), and coming soon to Amazon. Here are the local shops:

  1. The Discovery Museum Gift Shop
  2. Don’s Pharmacy
  3. Sierra Pharmacy
  4. Galena Creek Visitor’s Center
  5. Buy Nevada First Gift Shop
  6. NeverEnder

Who is this book for: Now that the book is in its third month of being published, we are learning that it appeals to ages from 8 years old to 80 years old … and beyond!

It is an inspirational book regardless of one’s age and we are finding that photographers love the book too! The reviews listed below will give you more of an idea. They range from a 10 year old to a lovely person in her 60’s.


“I got the coolest package in the mail today. Just when I was getting homesick and missing the west coast this came at the perfect time. This book was created by the most amazing 8 year old I know who is the perfect example of determination and going after your dreams and he’s accomplished more in those 8 years then I ever will. Thank you for warming my heart on this rainy Texas night. This kid is going places and has a positive message to share.” ~Gloria, Texas

“Since your book arrived last week, I have read it a couple of times thru and also just looked at a few pages and smiled! You certainly are to be commended for taking on and completing such a big project for an entire year! It is so lovely for you to have a dream come to fruition at your young age! The quotes were just perfect and so appropriate! The message for me is to not take life for granted. Your little photographer took pictures of the ORDINARY and made them EXTRAORDINARY thru his camera lens and your vision. Congratulations and best wishes for your future.” ~Patricia, California

“It gives me so much joy! I love it! Just thought I’d let you and Thomas know.” ~Kathy, Reno
“I love it and can’t stop looking at it. Biggest Little Photographer has a kids touch and point of view and it’s giving me encouragement to continue working on my project.” -Jorden, 10 years old, Pennsylvania

“The book is absolutely beautiful and literally exudes all the love that went into making it!! A real treasure!”  – Michaela, Reno

“Is there a child you want to inspire to go for their dreams? Consider this book a wonderful gift idea! With a passion for legos and a determination to go from “I can do it!” to “I did it!,” Thomas has accomplished an amazing feat!” ~Lois, Louisiana


D iz for Different – One Woman’s Journey to Acceptance – Published May 2012 by Camilla Downs

In her early thirties Camilla Downs landed in a different place than she had planned; a place more different than she could ever have imagined. Five years into her marriage with a happy three-year-old daughter, a phone call with a diagnosis from the pediatrician changed everything.

This A to Z inspiring memoir recounts Downs’ journey to acceptance of herself, her daughter’s genetic abnormality of 18p- and becoming a single mom. Through Downs’ realization’s we learn that accepting ourselves and our situations is the key to being able to accept others, tap into our vein of courage and live in the present moment.  Downs details her journey with the methods and thought process that led her to achieve true acceptance and genuine happiness. You’ll learn ways to redefine your thought processes and belief system by applying the practical, insightful “Tips for the Journey” at the end of each chapter.

Whether you need to decrease stress and worries, or increase self-confidence, this powerful book will help you make changes for the better and realize you are not alone. Begin your new journey today!

“As a blind person myself, I understand the challenge and blessing of doing things differently. In this book, Camilla shares her journey with Lillian which will help us all do more, give more, and be more.”~Jim Stovall, Emmy-award Winner, Best-selling author,The Ultimate Gift

“My granddaughter Mable and my niece Elizabeth are both different enough to have special needs so I speak from personal experience about Camilla Downs enlightening book D iz for Different: One Woman’s Journey to Acceptance. I believe this book will help those who find themselves asking how and why questions about their “differently-abled” loved one. This quick and thoughtful read gives answers to hard questions and provides some easily used tools to help people move more quickly to a place of peace and acceptance.” ~Julie Ziglar Norman, Proud Grandmother and Aunt, Founder of Ziglar Women, Inspirational Speaker, Author of Growing Up Ziglar: A Daughter’s Broken Journey from Heartache to Hope

“Camilla’s light shines very bright in “D iz for Different – One Woman’s Journey to Acceptance”.  She offers a wonderful combination of heart, intelligence, drive and a true inner desire to help families who are going through the trials, tribulations and loving moments of having a child with special needs. By authentically sharing her own story, hers is a voice of compassion, support and guidance.”  –G. Brian Benson – Award-winning author and advocate of inspiration.

“Camilla Downs has been through it all and came out on the other side smiling. She has taken her real-life experiences and created teachable moments for all to learn. This book has the ability to change your life if you read it. What are you waiting for?” –Tim Wambach and Mike Berkson – stars of the hit 2 man stage show, Handicap This!

What others are saying about “D iz for Different” …

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