Top 10 Digital Diary Entries for 2018 – The Team TLC

Top 10 Digital Dairy Entries for with the most views for 2018 from The Team TLC online journal

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1. The 2018 Chromosome 18 Conference – Baltimore, Maryland
2. Decisions As We Approach Lillian Darnell Reaching 18 Years of Age – Nevada
3. 2018 Chromosome 18 Conference – Baltimore Maryland – Ladies Night
4. The Daughter Knew She Could by Camilla Downs
5. Camilla and Lillian Update for Chromosome 18 Conference in Baltimore and the Fundraiser
6. The Books Are Arriving and Chromosome 18 Facebook Page Live Event
7. Happy Happy 17th Birthday to Lillian Darnell and Lillian and Camilla September 2018 Date Day
8. Deventer The Netherlands Meets Reno Nevada USA
9. She Did It! The 2018 Chromosome Conference – Baltimore Maryland
10. What Do We Truly Mean When We Say I Love You by Camilla Downs

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