Throwback Post: Thomas and Camilla November 2014 Date Day


November 21 2014:

November 2014 Thomas n Camilla Date! Begins with a date night! Lillian is having a sleep over with The Romano Duo. Got our date night off to a start with a trip to the grocery store for nacho ingredients. Then a trip to the barber for Thomas and next a quick stop at the library. Then home for our yummy nacho dinner!

Part 2 of the Thomas n Camilla November 2014 date night … Had a ball in the non-fiction section at the library! Spirit Lands is amazing! Gave me chills and my eyes filled with sweat! Thomas felt the same. What a beautiful experience for our date night! Take a look through some of the Native American proverbs included in this visual, musical and magical journey!

Throwback Post: Thomas and Camilla November 2011 Date Day


November 26 2011:

Date day adventures with Thomas!!!

“They (Sonic) put something in this ice cream to make kids not stop eating it.” -Thomas

Next stop on date day …. Putt putt adventures!! Fun!!

Animal adventures … Cheaper than a zoo!! So excited!!

Last stop on our date … Top Secret lunch box … COOL!!!!