Throwback Post: Thomas and Camilla October 2013 Date Day


Date day with Thomas … 1st stop Grassroots Books with 12 bags of books to turn in! Second stop ……. The Barber Shop! He can see again! Thanks Frank for springing for the much needed haircut!

Next stop on the date ….. YUMMY FOOD! We shared bread pudding … oh my good grief!!! So good we looked like a couple of pigs at feeding time!

Next stop on our date …. Window shopping! We looked at every single lego set in Toys r Us and left a fun message on a whiteboard! Woooohooooo!

Last stop on our date …. saved the best for last! Beautiful, magnificent, awesome …. NATURE = LOVE!

Throwback Post: Thomas and Camilla November 2014 Date Day


November 21 2014:

November 2014 Thomas n Camilla Date! Begins with a date night! Lillian is having a sleep over with The Romano Duo. Got our date night off to a start with a trip to the grocery store for nacho ingredients. Then a trip to the barber for Thomas and next a quick stop at the library. Then home for our yummy nacho dinner!

Part 2 of the Thomas n Camilla November 2014 date night … Had a ball in the non-fiction section at the library! Spirit Lands is amazing! Gave me chills and my eyes filled with sweat! Thomas felt the same. What a beautiful experience for our date night! Take a look through some of the Native American proverbs included in this visual, musical and magical journey!

Throwback Post: Thomas and Camilla November 2011 Date Day


November 26 2011:

Date day adventures with Thomas!!!

“They (Sonic) put something in this ice cream to make kids not stop eating it.” -Thomas

Next stop on date day …. Putt putt adventures!! Fun!!

Animal adventures … Cheaper than a zoo!! So excited!!

Last stop on our date … Top Secret lunch box … COOL!!!!