Breda and Digipen and SCAD – College Acceptance for Thomas

January 16 2024

Oh my gosh!!!!! I’m so excited for Thomas Darnell!!!!! ❤️🎉🎉🎉❤️ Digipen has a 46% acceptance rate.

January 23 2024

Exciting times! 🎉🎉🎉 I’m sure Thomas will ace the interview!

Big decisions to be made in the next month or two. I am thrilled for Thomas Darnell!!
Breda University is in the Netherlands. It’s one of the top international colleges for a Game Design Degree.

I need an updated passport! Moving that to the top of my to do list!

January 24 2024

Right on! Thomas Darnell has now been accepted to their top 3 choices! Breda, Digipen, and SCAD!

SCAD is one of the top universities in the US for a Game Design degree, along with Digipen.

I’m so happy for Thomas that they have choices! ❤️🎉❤️ And super proud! Thomas has worked hard for this. The Breda application was the most difficult as Thomas had to create a game and have gamers test it, get feedback, and adjust it accordingly.


Thomas Meets Seattle – Digipen Institute of Technology Preview Day

December 16 2023

Thomas Meets Seattle

A place of fresh air
Good food

I thought I’d never return
It never truly felt like home.

Sixteen years of my life
Sixteen years of adventures
Of wildness, joy, sadness, laughter, betrayal and heartache.

Being here with you
My wonderful, thoughtful
Child of mine

Making fun and beautiful
Memories together

I’m grateful for you
Walking with me
Through this place I fled 17 years ago
This place that may
Become you’re home
At least for four years, anyway

I am thrilled
we got to have this experience together

I cannot wait to see you fly
Whether that’s here
Or somewhere else

I celebrate you
You are uniquely you
And that’s refreshing in today’s world

I overflow with gratitude
That I get to be your mom
That I get to experience your kind heart
Your fun personality
And I am so very deeply proud of you

December 2023

Last weekend Thomas and I traveled to Seattle. It was a fun and productive long weekend! This was part of Thomas’s 18th birthday gifts. A trip to Seattle for preview day at Digipen. We had lots of fun!

Plus, Lillian did a great job being on her own for three nights!! The security cameras worked great for me to check up on Lillian and Basil. It was a success for all us. ❤️🎉❤️