The Second Week – Stay at Home Vacation and Social Media Break

I took a break from blogging and social media for two weeks, July 26, 2020 – August 9, 2020. I wrote about how this came about here …

Latest News: More on the Vacation Time

I was moved to share my thoughts and what happened for me during the first week of the break here:

The First Week – Stay at Home Vacation and Social Media Break

The second week went much smoother (August 2 – August 9, 2020). After taking the time to write about my experiences with the previous post, I was able to go with the flow better.

I began the week by giving Lillian a haircut. Thanks to our friend and hairdresser, Kathy, for finding the best “how to” video for me and for giving me tips. I think I did a good job as there was no meltdown afterwards and Lillian seemed happy with it, and still does.

I received a book that I’d won a couple of months ago. It’s a beautiful and informative book. That was a fun surprise to receive in the mail!

I went for several early morning walks by myself and several after dinner walks with Lillian.

Our local library is offering pick up of holds through the drive-through two days a week, for four hours each of those days. They haven’t yet re-opened. Yet, we are SO HAPPY we can now check out books again. I waited in the line on Tuesday to get our latest haul. So far, I’ve been going every other Tuesday so as not to have any of our holds returned to the shelf.

Me …. waiting, waiting, waiting … Haha!

Thomas and I visited our friends Barbara and Bill at their cozy and beautiful place in Washoe Valley. When we got home, Thomas said, “That was fun.” I agree Thomas! Love those two humans!

Another ‘to-do’ checked off during the two week break. Ordered and installed a new interior passenger door handle. After nearly a year, I no longer have to be a valet for Thomas! 🤣 Many times I forgot he couldn’t open the door, walking off and wondering why he wasn’t getting out of the car. He was not amused!

On Friday, the 7th, I listened to the Brene Brown podcast with Ibram X. Kendi and doodled while doing so. Another great and powerful one! I’m reading his book now. Titled, How to be an Antiracist.

Here’s the link for the podcast …

Next up … I finally got finished transferring Thomas’s book, Biggest Little Photographer, to KDP in my efforts to streamline things and for converting to an ebook. Proof is on the way. Actually, should be arriving today!

Last item accomplished on the ‘to do’ list …. Ordering and installing shelves for the projector. I had been using the keyboard stand, and Thomas has been wanting his stand back! There may have been loads and loads of swear words and sweating while installing these lovelies!!

They are installed where one would typically install a big screen television. I don’t choose to own a television, and haven’t had one since about 2008. We watch shows and movies using a projector, projecting onto the opposite wall. Works perfectly. Just need to figure out what to do with the cords, and add two or four more shelves to balance things.

During this second week, I made some decisions about moving forward with how I spend my time. I’ll post separately about this, as I am making a few changes with and other tasks on which I place my focus. Stay tuned ….


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