I Love the Smell of Fresh Honeysuckle

Just some random personal stuff about me …

  1. I smile at myself in the mirror.
  2. I use organic extra virgin olive oil to remove my make-up and also use it as my facial moisturizer.
  3. When I choose to feel down or have negative emotions, I have an irresistible urge to purge stuff. I’m a crazy woman going through the house getting rid of stuff while rewiring the thoughts in my mind!
  4. I love dark chocolate. Especially the dark chocolate peanut butter cups from Trader Joe’s. Other than that, it’s Dorinda’s Chocolates! YUM!!
  5. I don’t have or use credit cards.
  6. I love soaking in a hot, hot, hot bath!
  7. I’ll eat green olives on just about anything..
  8. I love to dance!
  9. I want to live by the ocean and have a little beach cottage right on the beach painted in Team TLC colors of blue and green.
  10. I love Trader Joe’s unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk.
  11. I have a recurring dream which is always a different setting. The overall theme is the same. It is time to go .. catch a plane, train, check out of the hotel, whatever the scene, it is time to go. I don’t have all my things ready and I cannot seem to get stuff together. I always wake up in the middle of trying to get things together so I can leave!
  12. I want to take Team TLC on vacation for one to two months this summer (2013) to the lake or a beach.
  13. I’m addicted to reading and buying used books … self-growth, philosophical, and spirituality.
  14. I am experiencing tremendous self-growth and transformation … 2012 and 2013.
  15. I go for a walk almost every day.
  16. I express gratitude to nature when out walking.
  17. I delivered both of my kids via natural child birth.
  18. I wrote a book, titled “D iz for Different” and it was published May 2012.
  19. I do not enjoy shopping.
  20. I grow more and more to love simplicity.
  21. I’m working on my second book … has to do with HappYness!
  22. I have days when I choose to be negative. I usually don’t share this publicly. Not because I don’t want people to know, but because I don’t want it to spread and grow. I’d rather reach out to certain friends privately, change my thoughts and release the negativity quietly.
  23. I consider Thomas and Lillian great teachers and I am inspired by each one of them.
  24. I’m addicted to pure essential oils.
  25. I want to begin Yoga.
  26. I don’t own a television.
  27. I love meeting new people and discovering the connection we share.
  28. I’m happy most of the time.
  29. I feel I have all that I need/want …. most of the time.
  30. Sometimes I pretend like I understood what Lillian said to me when I really have no clue what she said.
  31. I have two pair of jeans I wear over and over (one black and one blue). When I find a pair of pants I like I will wear them until they fall apart and then I’ll go buy another pair.
  32. I’m most comfortable in sweat pants or yoga style clothes. The minute I walk in the door (even if for just a few hours), I take off my “street” clothes and put on my “comfy” clothes.
  33. I have about three pairs of winter/cold weather shoes and just a few more of summer/warm weather shoes.
  34. I have just a handful of shirts that I like to wear. I wear them until they get holes and then I get a new one.
  35. Did I mention I like simplicity and I don’t like shopping?
  36. I usually pull in the neighbors garbage can for them.
  37. I have a tattoo that I got when I was 19 years old.
  38. I have a couple of pair of earrings and necklaces I like to wear. Other than that, I don’t much care about jewelry. Although, I do LOVE Jamie Cooke’s tree of life necklace!
  39. I don’t wear perfume and don’t much care for it. I prefer essential oils if I wanna add some flavor to my smell! 🙂
  40. I drive a 2001 Chevrolet Tracker. I’m not concerned any longer about the make and model of the car I drive. As long as it’s in good condition to get Team TLC where we want to go! I can certainly appreciate a fine car. However, it’s not on my bucket list.
  41. I have varicose veins all up and down my legs. Oh well. I love my varicose veins!
  42. I get my hair cut once a year and my hair color is natural (even with the shimmery silver hairs starting to make an appearance).
  43. I haven’t been to the doctor in years … other than a mammogram last year. 😉
  44. The only sicknesses I’ve had in the past five or six years are colds.
  45. I love the smell of fresh honeysuckle and one day I’ll have honeysuckle growing in my yard.
  46. I have learned that my purpose is:
  • To share my life and Team TLC with others and to use my talents and gifts to help others.
  • To guide Thomas and Lillian to know they are worthy just because they exist, know that they have everything they need for their own happiness within themselves, and for them to grow into happy and joyful adults having realized their purpose in life.
  • To guide each of them to follow a path that allows them to actively share that purpose in the service of others.

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