Blood Orange Lipstick – National Poetry Month – April 12th

April is National Poetry Month. I’m going to attempt to write one poem every day this month. Today’s poem: 12/30 – April 12th.

Blood Orange Lipstick

Having stepped out of my comfort zone
Anxious, not knowing what to expect
I entered the address into Google maps
I followed the directions, my heart racing

Once parked, I looked at myself in the rearview mirror
Checked my teeth for food
Applied lipstick
Took a deep breath
Opened the car door
Strolled across the trashy parking lot, and
Walked through the doors

Scanning everyone
I landed on the person who seemed to be in charge
I walked over, introduced myself
Telling him this is my first time,
Asking, “How does it work?”

I was warmly welcomed
I was awestruck by the poetry shared
It felt familiar
It felt safe
It felt like I fit perfectly
Like this was a room full of
Various pegs — people
All shapes and sizes
This venue a board that had a place — space, a slot for every peg — person
As I left, I knew that I must return

I did return the next Monday
And the next,
and the next
And the next

This place
This space
These people
Fill my bowl

I am welcome
I’m free to be my weird

The space
The energy
Has allowed me
Has encouraged me
To fully blossom
To embrace
This current Camilla
For there have been many versions of Camilla
With many more versions to follow

Life is fleeting
Life is a miracle
I desire to enjoy
All life has to offer
All I feel I want to experience

I have walked onto the stage
Nearly every time I have stepped through those doors

I have observed others take a similar path
Coming for the first time
As the weeks go by
They take that leap of faith
Walking onto the stage
Sharing of themselves

It is beautiful
It is inspiring
It is witchy
It is magical
It is alchemy
Is alchemy

That one leap of faith
Awoke something that has been asleep since 2020

Reignited my creativity
My imagination
My desire to write

That one leap of faith
Led me to say yes,
Sign me up for more poetry events
Led me to say yes to
Dating myself
Loving myself
Treating myself to live music
Taking myself out for date nights
Yes to routinely stepping out of my comfort zone

That one leap of faith
Led me to throw myself a birthday party
Surrounded by my new-found poet friends

As I approach the one year anniversary
Of this leap of faith
I reflect on my life
I’m in such a different place now
A bold
New place

I took a leap of faith
I walked thorough those doors
It changed my life
Changed my life
My life

I am alive

Camilla Downs, 2024

**Prompt: Write a poem that involves a leap of faith, metaphorical or literal, small or big.

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