Hold on Loosely- National Poetry Month – April 11th

April is National Poetry Month. I’m going to attempt to write one poem every day this month. Today’s poem: 11/30 – April 11th.

Hold on Loosely

It took strength
took strength

To take these steps,
To keep going

Depart a failed marriage
Leave with a 1-year-old,
Leave with a special needs 5-year-old
Exit with all debt being in my name

Fly seven hundred and four miles,
Seattle to Reno
Knowing I would not return,
In all probability

It took strength
Took strength

To embark on the path,
The path of raising 2 kids alone

Of paying the bills,
The bills that were all in my name,
Up to the time
the money ran dry

No money, no way to make the car payment
Must return it to the bank

It took strength
Took strength

A 2 and 6-year-old with trouble handling unwelcome change
Meltdowns sure to follow
When told the car is leaving

Buy cookies
Bring out the party hats and horns
Explain we are throwing a going away party for the car
Going away party

Music playing
Party hats on, horns blaring
Partaking of cookies

Remove belongings from the car
Take photographs
Tell the car how much it meant to us
How much fun we had in it
Thank it
Wave goodbye to it

It did not take strength

It took love overcoming despair
took love overcoming despair
love overcoming despair
overcoming despair

Camilla Downs 2024

Prompt: Write a poem that contradicts itself. Start by making an assertion. Then later in the poem contradict that assertion.

**This was nearly 20 years ago. It’s simply part of my history, and what came up for me when brainstorming for this prompt.**

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