Some Like it Hot – National Poetry Month – April 10th

April is National Poetry Month. I’m going to attempt to write one poem every day this month. Today’s poem: 10/30 – April 10th.

Some Like it Hot

It appears to be mundane
It’s a ritual actually

Remove the lid of the hand-held manual grinder

Open the stainless steel,
matte turquoise,
airtight canister

Vital next step to follow

Inhale deeply
Instant mood uplifter

Take hold of the the shiny metal scoop
Dip into the beans, filling the scoop
Pour beans into the manual grinder

Lid back in place
Begin to turn the grinder handle
Turn, squeak
Turn, squeak
Turn, squeak

Beans are coarsely ground
Unscrew the grinder
Pour freshly ground beans
Into a smaller,
Stainless steel,
matte yellow,
airtight canister

Inhale deeply

To the percolator
Add a cup,
plus a tad more,
of reverse osmosis water
Assemble the percolator

First the filter holder
Then the filter

Scoop an overflowing mound of
Freshly ground beans
Pour into filter
Add filter cover
Close percolator

Ignite the back stove burner on the right
Turn knob to high
Place percolator on burner

Ears on high alert
Listen for the magical, gurgling music
The percolator sings

When it’s singing
Set timer for two minutes, 30 seconds


Turn burner off
Remove percolator
Transferring it to the front left burner

Large mug ready to be filled

It sits on the curved,
olive-wood cutting board,
To the left of the stove top

With my left hand
Grab the hand-made pot holder
Knitted by my oldest

Using the percolator handle
Lift it from the burner with my right hand

As I tilt to pour the dark, steaming liquid
Place the pot holder on top of the percolator
Apply pressure

Place percolator on the back left burner
Once cool
Empty and rinse
Ready for the next cup

Lift mug
Inhale deeply

Walk to the rocking chair
The one by the windows
The windows with the views
Views of the Virginia Foothills and Mt Rose

Have a seat
Hold mug
Wrap hands around mug
Warm hands

Inhale deeply

Wait for coffee to cool,
Just slightly




It appears to be mundane
It’s a ritual actually

Camilla Downs, 2024

Prompt: Write a poem about something mundane that you do regularly, that you’ve never written a poem about before.

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