Exiting the Cocoon and Stepping Into the Multiverse

June 10 2023

I feel like I’ve stepped into the multiverse and entered a different reality. I continue to have my mind blown almost daily.

New connections who are sweet and fun, re-engaging with old connections who are sweet and fun is a beautiful and inspiring thing. Great opportunities, openness, and authenticity permeate the air and soil of this reality.

It’s absolutely infectious as we inspire one another to exit the cocoon, open up, do the things, and engage fully with life in this moment.

I went to Trader Joe’s yesterday. For the past 8 years, I’ve been a nearly invisible person walking around in public.

A few people literally stopped in their tracks. One commenting on my stone necklace (pictured) and one crossing across the parking lot to share his thoughts.

I’m not sharing to gloat or boast. I’m hoping to give a nudge to anyone who needs it and I’m just so blown away. It’s invigorating to be noticed by others after so long of hiding myself. My wish is that we all get to this place of feeling healthy, open, authentic, and alive. (Photo from my after dinner walk last night.)

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