Throwback: The One Stillness


(I think this was written in 2017 – Originally submitted to a poetry website for consideration to be published.)

(Photo taken by me Spring 2019)

The One Stillness

And she began the walk,
The walk of only she,
breathing in, knowing she was breathing in
breathing out, knowing she was breathing out.

She listened in the stillness,
the sound of
the song birds
the beeping construction equipment
the roar of an airplane overhead
the creak and pop of the plastic fence
the screech of the shiny black vulture as he took flight
the echo of a distant cough across the wetland
the jingle of her dream catcher earrings in the breeze
the whir of the traffic in the distance.

She felt the soft breeze
Tenderly caress her cheeks,
hair lifting ever so gently.

She focused her eyes on the
vibrant luscious pink flower
and found her thoughts to be,

I am the vibrant luscious pink flower
swaying in the breeze
The flower is me.

She focused her eyes on the crisp green
blades of grass hosting
plump round droplets of water,

I am the crisp green blade of grass
hosting the water droplet,
the blade of grass is me.

I am the plump round water droplet
resting on the blade of grass,
the water droplet is me.

She focused her eyes on the
majestic black vulture

I am the majestic black vulture
resting on a rock
the vulture is me.

She focused her eyes on
the tall crooked tree,
laying her hands upon the cracked bark
smoothed by the winds of time.

I am the tree standing tall and crooked
the tree is me.

And she is,
and they are,
fulfilling this Divine Life.

And she ended the walk
The walk of One,
breathing in, knowing she was breathing in
breathing out, knowing she was breathing out. – ©2017 Camilla Downs

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