Get to Know Me: You Hear Something Fall in the Middle of the Night

I’m a member of an author/book reader facebook group, and the admins ask great questions. I decided to turn some of the questions into a “get to know me” series. I would also love to hear your answers to the questions posed in the series. Thanks Helen for asking such fun questions!

What do you do when you hear something fall in the middle of the night, and your are in bed asleep?

I’ve been a single mom for 15 years now, so it’s just me to check things out. I can usually tell if it can be ignored, and I will just go back to sleep.

However, one night many years ago, I heard this loud cracking (like glass) sound. I went to the kitchen thinking something had fallen. I could not find what it was until the next morning when I walked into the bathroom. The glass surrounding the shower had shattered. Never knew what made it happen …

What about you?

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2 thoughts on “Get to Know Me: You Hear Something Fall in the Middle of the Night

  1. That is a super intense experience, Camilla! Never had anything that noticeable happen in the middle of the night, expect a light switch moving and turning on and off the bathroom light on its own. I was terrified and stayed awake til the birds started chriping and the sun rose. That takes some serious energy!

  2. It was pretty wild!! And, a huge mess!! Hahah!! Thanks for taking the time to read and comment, Liz! Sending hugs your way!

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