Poetry and Photography: The Silence

Goose Feather with Water Droplets Poem 5.23.18

The squark of the seagull overhead.
The beep and roar of the construction equipment.
The call and honk of the geese.

The thunder of the leaf blower.
The slow ripples in the lake.
The ever so gentle harmony of the song birds.

The blare of horns in the distance.
The melodic quack of the duck.
The squawking of the coot.

I close my eyes and I become one with all.
I lose the feeling of this body and meld with
the oneness of all that surrounds me.

This is life.
This is love.
And so it is.
©️2018 Camilla Downs

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2 thoughts on “Poetry and Photography: The Silence

  1. Thank you Yvon!! It’s so interesting. I hadn’t intended on writing. I just sat down to BE for a moment. The words started flowing and I had to use my phone to get them down. Not the easiest with how fast my fingers need to go to keep up with the stream of words. So happy you found meaning in them!! xoxo

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