Get to Know Me: What Songs Hit You With a Wave of Nostalgia?

I’m a member of an author/book reader facebook group, and the admins ask great questions. I decided to turn some of the questions into a “get to know me” series. I would also love to hear your answers to the questions posed in the series. Thanks Helen for asking such fun questions!

What Songs Hit You With a Wave of Nostalgia?

This is just a small sampling. I could go on and on.

Village People:

Kool and the Gang:


The Pointer Sisters

Sister Sledge:

Billy Idol: (so many!!) And who didn’t stand in front of the mirror trying to perfect the Billy Idol lip thing!

Duran Duran: (so many!!)


David Bowie:


and with Run DMC

Guns n Roses:

The Cult:


Red Hot Chili Peppers

Twisted Sister:


Def Leppard:


Sir Mix-A-Lot:

Talking Heads:

Dexys Midnight Runners:

I could go on and on … You get the idea, though!

What about you?

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