Throwback Post: Between the Sweet Spot and the Heaviness

**THROWBACK TO 2017 OR 2018″

Between the Sweet Spot and the Heaviness

And lo the feelings
of being trapped
are strong.

Weighing on this body
as worries weigh
upon the mind.

No way out is seen
as the mind ricochets
from thought to thought.

Most having nothing
to do with what brings
forth the heaviness
and feelings of being trapped.

Like the shell in
the ocean,
attention is focused
on one thought
until tossed
to another and
yet another
with the movement
of the ocean.
Never BEing still.

Thoughts of wanting to be
somewhere one is not.
Always thoughts of how
one gets passed this
moment – how one
survives this moment.

The moment will come.
There is no stopping it.
It arrives just
as the moment
before arrived and
the moment after arrives.

Just as the shell
in the ocean is
tossed to and fro
one feels tossed
to and fro by life.

Not knowing which
way is which.
Confusion clouds
the mind,
despair settles
within the confusion.

Following this path
knowing not
where it leads.

Looking back on
past paths with
thoughts of what
a good place it
was in the path.

All the while knowing
that in the midst of
that place one was filled with
thoughts of being trapped
and seeking a way out.

Could it be that
one will look back
on this place in
the path years from
now with thoughts of
what a good place
in the path this
was to have been?

Though it feels like
it not, this place
in the path is always
a good place to be.

As there is no way to
move forward from the past
or the future.
One can only move
forward from this
moment in time,
this place in the path.

Knowing the answers
within seems so
far from knowing
the answers without.

Seems like a
distance of eternity.

An eternity of traveling
to the sweet spot within
where life is a blissful
walk in the park.

Stopping for a bit here
Stopping for a bit there
following the nudges
that life presents.

Knowing all we need
do is always BE
where we BE. – ©Camilla Downs

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