The Light of Freedom – Words of Alchemy


The Light of Freedom

Time to step into the flames of the fire.
Time to connect with that which you fear from your past.
The past no longer exists and cannot cause you harm.
However, when it is avoided and sidestepped; it does indeed
cause you harm.

Avoidance and sidestepping keep you a prisoner of the past.
Held captive to a perceived smallness.
As the flame grows, be still and know that you are not alone.
Be still and know it cannot hurt you. It cannot consume you.

Bring your light to the flames of the fire.
It shall be engulfed and transformed into the light of freedom.
The freedom to claim your power.
The freedom to know who you are.
The freedom to shine your light with others.
Be still. And Know. -©️Camilla Downs


2 thoughts on “The Light of Freedom – Words of Alchemy

  1. Hello Camilla – I Love Love Love this. This touches my heart based on my experiences / conversations this week. I have printed it and put it in a place where I can see it and contemplate what this means to me. Thank you. Love and Reiki Blessings, Billie

  2. I’m so blessed that this was meaningful for you, Billie. If you’re in the US, my book – Words of Alchemy – is being given away on May 2nd. Head over and enter to win it. Here’s more about the book, followed by the link to enter to win … and … Sending oceans of love and Reiki blessings to you … xoxo

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