Can a Book Be Published With Little to No Money – Part Two

This is a continuation of the post written last week. Here’s an excerpt …

” …. so I’m going to get to the bottom line first thing. And those who are interested about the entire story can read further. Lillian’s book was published with absolutely no money paid out to anyone for the creation of the book. That’s it!

Now, there was a bit of money paid for the ISBN bar code graphic (about $20), for envelopes to mail the books once received (about $15), and for two proof copies of the book (about $15 each which included shipping).

I want to reiterate that I am not sharing this to brag or gloat. That is not my nature. I am sharing this to give hope, to share …… “

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Can a Book Be Published With Little to No Money – Part One

Now, for Thomas’ book, Biggest Little Photographer. His book did cost us a bit of up front money as it is a photography book and these are not the type of book to use Amazon’s createspace for publishing and printing.

Biggest Little Photo Cover only

When Thomas was 8 years old, he began a 365 day photography project. Every day for one year he made a photo of a LEGO mini-figure photographer making a photo. We took that little man with us everywhere!! For one full year he traveled with Thomas and Team TLC. In the beginning, I told Thomas that if he stuck with it, we’d make it into a book. A real, published book that we could sell.

And, he did stick with it. About a month or two after beginning he said he wanted to quit. I explained to him that this was okay with me. I only wanted him to think about how it would feel to quit and then think about how it would feel to continue and finish. After this, he decided to stick with it to the conclusion!

Thomas with Biggest Little Photographer Proof Book 10.4.16

Thomas and I considered our options between using an online self-publishing site and using a local Reno publisher/printer. We made a chart listing the costs and pros and cons. We had a meeting with the local publisher. After the meeting we decided to go with the local company. I would do as much as possible and they would help out minimally.

Once we decided to go with the local publisher, I began sifting through the photos to choose about 180 photographs for the book. We simply could not include all of the photos as the finished book would have had a retail price of $40 or $50. We wanted our friends and family to be able to afford the book.

I already had an ISBN as I purchased a block of ten back in 2006 or 2007 as I knew in my heart they would be needed. We’ve used four now!! I handled contacting the library of congress for the LCCN. I procured the bar code graphic. I created the book trailer and handled the marketing, and arranged book signings.

At the peak his book was being sold in about ten local stores. He was on a local radio show, The Book Hound, and made an appearance on KOLO 8 TV to talk about his book. He had an art exhibit at one of our local parks, Rancho San Rafael Park.

Thomas and Biggest Little Book on Radio 12.19.16 #1Thomas and Camilla on KOLO 8 with Biggest Little Book 4.7.17 #1Ranch San Rafael Biggest Little Photographer Exhibit Book 4.5.17 #5

Next, I grouped the chosen photos into categories. Thomas gave his input along the way and he and I decided to leave focus on the photographs and to not have a written story. I wrote the Author’s Note and Introduction and Thomas chose some of his favorite quotes. I paired the quotes with a matching theme and used the rest for the Closing as he decided that’s how he wanted to end the book.

Biggest p10

I created everything in Google and sent to the local publisher as a PDF to make it into a book format. We had already chosen the size of the book and I uploaded all of the photos into a Google photo album for easy access. Thomas and I decided on how we wanted the cover to look, then relayed that to them as well. They did a great job at making what I gave to them into a beautiful book and also creating the exact cover we wanted!

After applying as many discounts as possible I was sent the bill for their work on the book. It was an incredibly reasonable price for what they had done. At this point, I did not know how I was going to pay for it. Yet, I had a relationship that had already been established with one of the owners years prior to this. We had a level of trust amongst us and I knew if I needed to hold off on paying and placing that first order of books, that it would be okay.

The bill was sent through PayPal. My heart was racing as I clicked to open it further. Once it opened from email into PayPal; my eyes focused on the amount due. Then, a little button caught my attention. It read, “Pay with PayPal Credit – Apply Here”. I thought, “What the heck!”, I’ll give it a try. I have not had or been granted credit since about 2009, as I filed bankruptcy due to a divorce. All of our bills were in my name and I paid on them as long as I could … until I ran out of money. Therefore, the bankruptcy.

Biggest p54

Every time I have applied since then, I always get a denial. So, with high hopes and an intention that it would go through, I applied. And …. it did! Not only that, but much more than I needed to pay the bill. So I was able to pay for the first order of books too! Although I am still paying that bill, plus some, as I used it to purchase the books when we placed orders. And, I am totally okay with that. It was worth it!

And, that’s how Thomas’ book, Biggest Little Photographer, came to be a published book!!

Biggest Little Photographer Books to 2017 Conference 7.10.17Biggest Little Book at Buy Nevada First Shop December 2016 #1Biggest Little Book at South Valleys 12.9.16 #2

I will continue with my book in a third post!! Go here to read Part Three which covers my book …

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