The Magic Wand

This morning Lillian, my 10 yr old special needs daughter, was having a serious freak out melt down complete with screaming, crying, pinching and hitting because events were not unfolding as she wanted them to unfold.

After about an hour, she calmed down and told me she needed a hug. I sat with her on the bed and this is what I shared with her, “Did I ever tell you that you have a magic wand? Everyone has a magic wand. Our wands all look different, but we all carry them in the same place. We get to wave our wands and make our day a good or a bad day. We do not control other people or how things happen. However, with our magic wand we can choose whether to be sad and angry about something or we can choose to be sad or upset about it and THEN move on and enjoy our day and be happy. We only get that day one time and if we don’t make the most of it, we will Never get it back. We carry our magic wand with us everywhere we go, it’s always there. Guess where it is?
Right between our ears … Our magic wand is our mind.”After that Lillian had her bath, relaxed and is now enjoying her day. Here’s hoping YOU remember that you have a magic wand with you always too …

(I cannot take credit for the “magic wand” concept as I am reading about this concept right now in a book written for young people titled “Magic of Believing” … Perfect timing, don’t you think?)”

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