Throwback Post: Different iz Good – Intestinal Fortitude and Perseverance


September 22 2012:

Thank you Luther for the touching and moving review on Amazon … totally made my eyes sweat …

“My wife and I read a chapter of D iz for Different each day after our lunch. We have a granddaughter, Irene McKay Moran, with the same Chromosome 18p- abnormality and Camilla’s daughter. Reading this book my wife and I were struck by the intestinal fortitude and perseverance of Camilla as she faced each differently-abled situation. During my years of military service I did not experience anyone with more determination to succeed, no matter the obstacle than that exhibited by Camilla. After retiring from the Air Force I worked for the Division of Social Services for the State of Missouri. Numerous of my clients had “differently-abled” children and were stuck in the “woe is me” rut. Resigned to accept whatever meager handout society would begrudgingly give them. I wish I has had Camilla’s book to give them. Maybe they would have seen what was possible for them and their family. Camilla, you have done a “bang-up job” with this book, and we are certainly glad our daughter Susan has made your acquaintance. Plus we’re glad to have met you at the conference in Indianapolis.”

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