Nature’s Messages: Reflect and Let it Go and Time Travel and Knowing

May 2018:

…. from a walk this morning …… Reflections. Cloudy and clear at the same time? Ahhhh. Such is it.

Solo Walk Vintage Lake Reflections 5.14.18

Solo Walk Vintage Lake Reflections 5.17.18

Don’t hold onto it. Let it roll right off your back.

Nature always has a perfect message for us when we stop, be quiet, and listen. I mean, look at those cute little water droplets. How could I not stop, take it in, and capture the moment? ….

Walk Vintage Water Droplets 5.14.18

This found me on a walk yesterday morning. Lots of goose quills around, yet have never seen two like this before.

I just had the chance to research online a bit and found that the quill of a goose has long been a preferred writing instrument. Apparently it awakens the imagination and intuition flows. The writer travels through time capturing stories of past, future and present.

I’ll take it! Time to write more. I’ll imagine my fingers are goose quills and that I’m writing like the wind as I type. My fingers and hand begin to hurt after about 5 minutes of handwriting so I just can’t do it.

Solo Walk Vintage Lake Goose Feathers 5.15.18

….. from a walk this morning …. Nature. Magnified. Take pause. Zoom out and See the Whole. Simply beautiful. xoxo

Goose Feather with Water Droplets Poem 5.23.18Water Droplets Goose Feather Vintage Lake 5.21.18 #2

There’s really not much I truly know. Yet. This. I do know. Nature awakens the Knowing of my Heart. xoxo

Not much I truly know Sunset Photo Vintage Lake 5.20.18

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