Olive Oil as Facial Cleanser and Moisturizer – Oil Cleansing Method

“Simplify, Simplify, Simplify” –Henry David Thoreau

Doing it Different

For the past several months I have been receiving kind comments and compliments regarding my complexion. I thought it was time to write a post about what I’ve been using as a facial cleanser and moisturizer for just over a year now.

What began as a search for a home made facial cleanser and moisturizer due to financial contraints has transformed into a way of life. About that time I decided I was tired of putting all those chemicals onto my face and into my body by way of my skin.

I’m on a patient search to see what else I can replace with natural and/or organic items in Team TLC’s life. I’m experimenting with replacing my shampoo and conditioner currently and will let y’all know how that turns out when I find just the right “mix” for me! I’ve already replaced our allergy medicine and eczema treatment!

Oil Cleansing Method

Now. Back to that facial cleanser and moisturizer. I searched online and found the Oil Cleansing Method. I researched it pretty heavily. I looked up websites that break down the comedogenic factors of different oils and research based on scientific data about how oils affect the skin (facial skin in particular). I have dry break-out prone facial skin. I experimented with many different oils to find the one I liked … sunflower seed oil, jojoba oil, almond and olive oil. My favorite and most economical so far has been Trader Joe’s Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. I’m using organic as that’s what I try and feed my family and if I’m putting it on my skin every morning and night, it’s soaking into my skin and I want it to be of good quality.

This has been an economically good direction for me in regards to more than just moisturizer and facial cleanser. I’m using much less make up these days too! YAY!

You could typically spend anywhere from $8 to $60 (or more) for facial cleanser depending on what brand you purchase and the the same for moisturizer. That’s anywhere from $16 – $120. It costs me about $6.50 for a 16.9 ounce bottle of Trader Joe’s Spanish Extra Virgin Organic Olive oil which lasts for 1 – 3 months depending on how much I cook with it too!

The Process

So, here’s how I do it. I started out with this recipe for the Oil Cleansing Method and have since gone to just straight organic olive oil.

  1. I use one of the 4 ounce plastic squeeze bottles to store the olive oil. You will want to replace that every once in a while and/or at least give it a good cleaning. I’ve also used the glass bottle that soy sauce comes in which has the small spout at the top for pouring. I like glass because it’s easier to keep clean.
  2. I pour about a teaspoon (or a little more) into my hand at night. Rub my palms together and  give myself a mini massage with the oil. Be sure to keep away from your eyes as it burns! It’s like getting soap in your eyes. I have a washcloth ready by the sink. When I’m done rubbing the oil into my skin and giving myself a mini facial, I close my eyes and rub it into my mascara.
  3. Then I wet my washcloth with nice warm water, wipe my eyes and face. You can also add to your facial experience by laying the warm washcloth onto your face and letting it sit until it’s cooled. Feels GOOD!!
  4. Next I wet my face with warm water and apply a tiny bit of olive oil as moisturizer. I have dry skin so I need this extra step after I’m done getting the make up off my face. Make sure to apply the oil while your face is wet so it soaks in good. I put any left over oil on my lips! GREAT lip gloss and lip balm too!
***Update: January 3, 2015: I am still using only olive oil as my facial cleanser and moisturizer. I’ve only made one small change. I no longer apply the oil with my face wet. I found that with my skin type (dry), I can apply it dry and it soaks in just fine.

In the morning I wet my face and apply a small bit of olive oil as my moisturizer. The key is making sure you apply the oil while your face is moist so that it soaks in good.

***Update: October 19, 2015 – I’m still using olive oil and just published an updated blog post. Go here to read the Oil Cleansing Method Update.

***Update: August 17 2018 – I rarely wear make-up so am now only using olive oil as a moisturizer. As I am applying it, I use a bit extra and massage it in a circular motion to help lift any impurities.

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That’s it y’all! Been doing it for over a year now and I’m very happy with the results … for my pocket book and my face and health! No more icky chemicals on my face! WoooHooo to that!

*Oil Cleansing Method from The Oil Cleansing Method website. This is the one that began my oil cleansing journey.

**This may not work for everyone. Don’t be afraid to experiment and find just the right “formula” for you and your skin.

58 thoughts on “Olive Oil as Facial Cleanser and Moisturizer – Oil Cleansing Method

  1. Hi Camilla,
    Thank you for your sharing information, it’s really useful and interesting. I’m 27 and Asian. My face is oily in front head and nose. If I use olive oil to cleanse my face everynight and every morning, do I need to use any moisturizer after cleanse? I’m afraid too much oil may make my skin oilier.
    Thanks again and look forward to your reply 🙂

  2. This is my makeup regimen.
    1. Apply one teaspoon of olive oil on my palms and rub my entire face (leaving out my T zone)
    2. Leave it to soak for 15 mins
    3. Put on powder and make up as usual.
    Is this ok

  3. Hi Huong! I’m not a skin expert but I would suggest trying it both ways. Try without a moisturizer to see what happens. It will also depend on the climate where you live. I use the olive oil as my moisturizer too. After cleansing, I apply a small amount of olive oil and let it soak in good before applying makeup. Thanks tons for your input and here’s to happy facial skin!!

  4. Hi Adlinaz! That sounds pretty much like what I do. At night I cleanse with olive oil (if I wore makeup that day) and then apply a small amount of olive oil. In the morning I simply rinse my face with warm water. Then apply a small amount of olive oil. I wait for a while … fix breakfast for my kids and help get them ready and then I apply my makeup. It works for me and if it is working for you then I say it’s okay! Thanks much for your input!!

  5. Hello Camilla,
    I’m very happy to receive your reply. I’ve noticed that you only wash your face at night when you wear a make up whole day. Where I live is very polluted so although I don’t make up everyday, I suppose that daily washing is necessary, isn’t it?
    And I’ve done a research about oil cleansing, most of the websites advise to do it twice a day: at night and morning. Could you kindly advise me? In the morning I dont make up but apply an small amount of sun protection.
    Thanks a lot and wish you all the best Camilla!

  6. Hi Huong! Much of this is trial and error … try both ways for 3-7 days and see what works best. Everyone’s skin is going to respond a bit differently and the climate where you live will have an effect also. You’re so very welcome and wishing you much fun and success!!

  7. Hi I just want it to thank you for letting us know about your beauty secret. I’v been cleaning my face with just olive oil for about one month and my face looks and feels grate. I have combination/acne prone skin so it was always REALLY hard to find the right product. But know I have NO dryness NO oiliness NO acne. Is awesome!! My husband hadn’t seen me for 2 weeks and this morning he asked me if I had gone to sleep with makeup on because my skin looked so clear……… 🙂 thank you!

  8. Thank you so much Esmeralda! What a beautiful and inspiring message to receive! I’m hugely grateful and happy that this has been such a positive experience! I’m at about 1 and 1/2 – 2 years into using only olive oil for cleansing/moisturizer and I’m going without make-up more and more often! Just love it! Many blessings to YOU!

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