I Like Your Boots

I sat reading a book in the coffee shop this morning while waiting on my friend to arrive.

I got up to move to a smaller table and a man sitting nearby said, “I like your boots”. He was about 5’7″, had on a cowboy hat and you could tell he was a hard working man. So we started chatting about boots and he showed me his boots. We talked about boots with leather bottoms and boots with rubber bottoms.

He’s got 5 days off and is visiting from Elko. I asked if he has family here in Reno. He answered, “Yes” and that his ancestors came to Nevada in the 1800’s. He works for one of the mining companies in Elko. I learned about this huge truck he drives that has a 12,000 gallon tank and how the tank gets filled and what happens when it’s being filled. He works 4 days on and 5 off and then 5 days on and 4 off. He’s going to an end of the world party tonight!

I learned that he likes Harley motorcycles and he likes wearing boots. People keep telling him he should get horses because he has the property for it. But, he likes the “steel” horses and he shared about the Harley he’s thinking of purchasing so he can take trips on it. He even showed me a picture of it in the magazine he was reading. This one has waterproof storage. Says he’s gonna take a trip on it this summer down to Arizona to see his brother and ride through the Grand Canyon on the way. He likes to write so he is going to journal his trip. I shared how I thought that was a GREAT idea.

He likes to write letters “the old fashioned way”, put a stamp on them and mail them. He likes to read too. So I shared how I like to write and read also and that I had just written and published a book. His name is Paul. He bought one of my books. He is going to read it and then give to his sister who is a school teacher in Winnemucca.

I did not know Paul, He did not know me. Now we know each other and you know about him too!! All this while I was waiting for my friend to show up. I could have just said “Thank You” when he complimented my boots and went back to reading my book. The old me would have. I sure hope I enriched his life. I know he enriched mine by letting me listen and learn about him …. And …. I gave Paul a hug when he left. Hugs, smiles and listening … that’s what I GIVE!

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