Freedom from the Opinions of Others

Just some thoughts to share … Every single person lives in their own version of reality. We smooth the way for our own well being and happiness when we remind ourselves of that. Making decisions that are in our best interest and the best interest of those we love can be uncomfortable. How much more peaceful life would be if everyone would remind themselves not to judge the decisions of others, in fact, to judge others period? Each person is viewing and filtering life from their own past and current life experiences. How can we assume that we are the person to say what is right and what is wrong for another person in a given situation or decision?

As long as we are living a life of virtue … kindness, respect of life, giving, honesty; we will surely blossom to our true selves and benefit this World by sharing our gift and purpose. To remain independent of the opinion of others is the ultimate freedom …. A freedom that will pave the way for not feeling the need to explain ourselves to others, to convince them of our point of view and to get caught and pulled into a web of back and forth that escalates into nothing fruitful. May we all reach a point of trusting ourselves, becoming independent of the opinion of others and obtaining the ultimate freedom to take the next step in our own growth.

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